2015 – 24 Hour Team


On the weekend of August 22 – 23 Dirt Bike Girl Adventures will have a team of  six Women competing in the Women’s Class in the Inaugural Arcadia Bark Busters, 24hr North East Challenge Race at Tall Pines located Andover, N.Y.

The diverse team of six women – some of whom have never met before, are a testament to the fact that the off-road community is an extended family of sorts. This small sampling of women have been connected through social media networking and on this journey of forming this team we have found encouragement and support from the DBGA Community.

Since the beginning, Dirt Bike Girl Adventures  has been about good times…having fun on your dirt bike no matter your skill level, promoting female ridership, safety and advocacy as well as highlighting the many unique stories and backgrounds we female riders have.  I strive to promote the women and girls in our off-road community in a tasteful manner for all ages to partake in the many conversations we share – to learn from one-another to become improved riders.

Many women find the stories of other female riders inspirational and it has contributed to many swinging their own leg over a dirt bike and then creating a new inspirational story for them to share.

*Six Women as I said – some have never met… Will be required to pound out as many laps as they possibly can – as fast as they are able to safely. We will be six individuals before the race however we will learn to work together as Teammates – helping and encouraging each other and becoming a true team.

It will be an experience that none of us will forget and it will surly provide us with plenty of cool stories to share.

Meet the 2015

Dirt Bike Girl Adventures



 Nancy Sabater

Charlotte Hall, MD

  •  How Old Are You and when did you start riding?
I am a young 45 and I rode for the first time when I was around 20 at a riding area in Florida called Croom.
  •  Who introduced you to motorcycling?
I was introduced to motorcycling by a friend – Thank Goodness! It has been the best and led me to where I am today!
  •  What bike do you ride today?
I currently ride a 2012 Honda CRF 230F
  •  What made you decide to start racing?
I heard about a local race called the “Hangover Hare Scramble” and thought it would be a neat opportunity to try to race – I was curious on how I would do and wanted to start the year off with a fun adventure!
  •  What is your favorite riding memory?
I have so many! One in particular comes to mind though… My man, Billy and I were riding with another couple at Hatfield – McCoys – It was our last ride of the weekend and I really wanted to end on a good note… Billy and I had those helmet radios and He was leading the ride. He was talking to me letting me know nobody was on the trail (the trails have two way traffic there) and just talking in my ear in a really calm voice telling me to relax -just ride saying reassuring things that were making me really focused. I remember going pretty fast for me – feeling like I was in the zone – doing everything super smooth without hesitation – hitting all the right lines – cornering the cliffs and never over thinking. I will never forget that ride – it was a great way to end an awesome weekend of riding! 
  •  What are your future goals?
I would love to continue to improve and become a more confident rider. I hope to keep racing and riding for years to come. I also hope that Dirt Bike Girl Adventures continues to grow and blossom to become a brand/company that inspires girls and women to ride and get involved in being an active part in the motorcyclist lifestyle. I have many plans for the future of DBGA! 
  •  What would you like to see most improve for women riders?
There is so much that needs to improve – but we shouldn’t wait for someone to do it – you need to get involved and make it happen. Women need to get support not just on the racing and professional side – they need to feel they are a part of the sport and the conversation – meaning our local dealerships need to carry product for them – and our local clubs need to recognize the need many women have to meet other women to ride with. We are a huge force and the industry needs to get behind women riders and better yet – support young girls that are the future on the sport. In regards to Professional Women Racers – they should be treated no different then the guys – they are top level racers in their class and field and are deserving of nothing less. 
  •  Would you consider being a riding mentor for a young girl rider?
Absolutely! I love the opportunities that have come my way in doing just that – and hope for more in the future! 
  •  What was the best piece of advice or tip were you given regarding riding?
“Keep your feet on the pegs… Keep your momentum and When in doubt – Throttle Out!”
  •  Do you have any sponsors or any supporters that you would like to thank? 
My man – Billy, he has always been supportive of all the many roads I have taken. He encourages me and is always trying to help me make my dreams reality. He’s the greatest and I am blessed to have him in my corner!
My Awesome Sponsors – Trail Pros, Scott Goggles, Fly Racing, WPS, The Motorcycle Factory Inc. and Limited Decal……..Thanks for all you do and your continued support!
  •  Are you an AMA Member?
Absolutely! I have been a proud active member of the American Motorcyclist Association for 10 years! 
Neat Fact: In 2011 the American Motorcyclist Association named Nancy “Motorcyclist of the Year” for her grassroots efforts in fighting the 2008 CPSIA Lead Law! She didn’t have any idea until she received her copy of the AMA Magazine and saw her picture on the cover!

Kelli Silvers

Newport, New JerseyKelli Silvers

  •  How Old Are You and when did you start riding?
The first time I actually began to ride a dirt bike, I was 34 years old. I was 42 when I raced my first hare scramble. 
  •  Who introduced you to motorcycling?
My husband Steve
  •  What bike do you ride today?
2009 KTM 200 xc
  •  What made you decide to start racing?
I watched my husband race and said it looked like fun and something I could do. Ive always been in some type of competitive sport and thought is would be a good challenge for someone learning to ride in their early 40s. 
  •  What is your favorite riding memory?
I think my favorite memory is when I spent the week prior to the race in the hospital, I had stitches, a 6” incision with packing in my back and I raced a hare scramble one day after discharge. I went out to just to get points for the season if possible. When I returned to the truck after the race and told my husband I finished 13th out of almost 30 girls he couldn’t believe it. The look on his face was priceless and you could just see how proud he was.
  •  What are your future goals?
Continue to improve my skills and someday obtain a top 5 finish.
  •  What would you like to see most improve for women riders?
I would like to see more opportunities for adult women who have never raced.
  •  Would you consider being a riding mentor for a young girl rider?
I have to some extent. My niece who races, looks up to me and help her as much as I can. I’m always at her races to show my support.
  •  What was the best piece of advice or tip you were given regarding riding?
Go out and have fun”,  Go until you see the checkered flag” and “Never surrender!!”
  •  Do you have any sponsors or any supporters that you would like to thank? 
First and foremost I have to thank my husband Steve for being my biggest supporter and getting me involved in the wonderful world of dirt bikes. I really wouldn’t have enjoyed racing without the support of my close friends and riding buddies: Old Fat Guy Racing members (Henry Drummond, Billy Gandy, Billy Davis, and Steve Spencer), my children Marguerite and Robert, George & Cori Coulter, their daughters Dana and Allie, Travis and Bradley Gandy, Bill and Becky Gandy, Kurt and Nancy Silvers, their daughters Allie and Cameron, Howard and Pam Silvers, and Kim Plummer as well as Jack Hansen. I most recently ProTaper.
  •  Are you an AMA Member?
Yes I am. This is my fourth year as a member.
Neat Fact about Kelli – is that she is an emergency and full-time cardiac cath registered nurse. She is also currently enrolled in an RN-BSN program with hopes to complete this degree by 2016!

Heather Cosner
McHenry, MD
  •  How Old Are You and when did you start riding? I am currently 24 years old and will be 25 in June. I starting riding when I was in middle school, so around 12 or so and this included anything motorized that we had around the house. I was surprised with a Yamaha TTR 125 one day after getting off the bus and began riding that day. But with moving to Delaware for a few years and then moving back I didn’t really begin to pursue riding till the age of 17.
  •  Who introduced you to motorcycling? My dad was the one who introduced me to riding and still to this day rides with me.
  •  What bike do you ride today? Right now I am currently riding a Yamaha 250-f and also have a Yamaha 125 that I love to play on.
  •  What made you decide to start racing? I’ve always gone to races with my dad and sister to watch but never thought about racing till I got my 125. I entered my first local race and was hooked after that which then led to my first GNCC and recently my first Enduro.
  •  What is your favorite riding memory?

My favorite riding memory was probably the first GNCC I ever entered. I was so nervous and had no clue what I was getting myself into. I thought I was going to get sick from all the nerves. I soon realized just what it took to race for 2 hours against these girls and that they don’t play around. So I went home practiced some more and kept on racing. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

  •   What are your future goals? Some of my goals would have to be to just always improve as a rider in general and to always go out and try new things.
  •  What would you like to see most improve for women riders?
 One thing I would like to see is women riders getting noticed for there talent and for people to stop scrutinizing them for getting help because they are girls. The women’s class of the GNCC is crazy, these girls have a lot of skill and put in just as much work to get where they are. We are all after the same thing, We just know how to do it and look good too 😉
  •  Would you consider being a riding mentor for a young girl rider? I would definitely consider mentoring young girls and their riding. The real question is…would I be good at haha. It’s hard to explain some things that you just have to feel and experience for yourself. But I would like to give it a whirl someday.
  •  What was the best piece of advice or tip you were given regarding riding? The best tip I ever received was to always have fun when riding or racing and to never forget why I started doing it in the first place.
  •  Do you have any sponsors or any supporters that you would like to thank? I would just like to thank my dad for always being there from beginning to end, my sister for pushing me and believing in my riding, and my boyfriend for helping me improve my riding skills and for always working on my bike.
  •  Are you an AMA Member?
Yes I am an AMA member.
***Neat Fact*** About Heather – Heather, her sister Brooke and their father Tim Cosner were all racing together at the Masontown, WV GNCC in 2014! Pretty neat having those three racing against each other for Overall bragging rights! Families That Ride Together Stay Together! 

Megan Page
Millville, NJ
  •  How Old Are You and when did you start riding?
    I am 17 years old. My dad bought me my first dirtbike which was a crf100 when I was 11 years
    old. I started racing 2 years later on a KTM 105.
  •  Who introduced you to motorcycling?
    My dad. My dad put me on his dirtbike when I was 6 months old and I screamed my head off
  •  What bike do you ride today?
    2015 KTM 200 xc-w
  •  What made you decide to start racing?
    I have always enjoyed riding around my house with my friends. While helping my dad with his TCSMC events, I became interested in racing. Watching the riders compete and cross the finishline, looked like a lot of fun. After my first race, I was hooked!
  •  What is your favorite riding memory?
    My favorite riding memory was my first year on Jack’s New Years ride down in Port Elizabeth,
    Nj. It was on New Years day, and the temperature was 18 degrees! There was about 40 riders,
    and everyone had their little group to ride in. In my group, there was my dad, my god father, and a couple of my dad’s friends. We were one of the last groups to leave, and throughout the whole 60 miles of trails, we kept passing other groups along the way. We would occasionally stop for little breaks, but we kept going. We ended up gaining two more young boys who were riding alone. The trail was so much fun. It consisted of tight woods, soft sand, and alot of fresh new trail! When we got back to the garage where we started, everyone who was already in were gathered around just talking about how much fun they had! It was a blast to be with so many talented riders and good people!
  •  What are your future goals?
    I plan on racing the NEPG National Enduros and become the Women’s class champion in the
    ECEA harescramble and enduro series.
  •  What would you like to see most improve for women riders?
    I would like to see more women get involved in racing and to not be intimidated by male racers. Also, I would like to see more women get recognized for racing.
  •  Would you consider being a riding mentor for a young girl rider?
Yes definitely. I love helping out young riders with their riding. I have young girls look up to me all the time, and I try to help them the best I can with anything they need help with.
  •  What was the best piece of advice or tip you were given regarding riding?
    The best piece of advise I was given was from my dad, “your brain is connected to your wrist”
    and “as long as you have fun, is all that matters.” The best tip I was given was, “you must
    always push the limits because if you never fail, you will never succeed.”
  •  Do you have any sponsors or any supporters that you would like to thank?
    I would like to thank my dad for being my mechanic, a big supporter, and for teaching me how to become a better rider. I would also like to thank my mom for always putting up with my love for dirtbikes, keeping me healthy, washing my gear and for being a big supporter. I would like to thank Racers Edge, Bromleys, the Laffertys, Frank Vanaman, Michael May, my Uncle Rob,
    Robby Page, Motorcycle Superstore, Bryan Page Masonry, and all my friends and family.
  •  Are you an AMA Member?
    Yes. I have been a member for 4 years.
***Neat Fact*** Megan plays 8 instruments and has been playing piano for 10 years! She could read piano music before she could actually read a book – Megan is also in the National Honors Society! 

Susan Lawrence
Pittsburgh, PA
  •  How Old Are You and when did you start riding?  
 I’m 36 and started riding 6 years ago.  
  •  Who introduced you to motorcycling?    
A very good friend of mine, he was just a neighbor at the time.
  •  What bike do you ride today?
   KX100 but I’m looking for a full size bike
  •  What made you decide to start racing?
I don’t typically race, however I enjoy a decent trail ride.
  •  What is your favorite riding memory?  
 Riding with my son and thinking …I shouldn’t have brought him here, I haven’t even ridden this… and he did amazing! 
  •  What are your future goals?    
Continue to have fun (without serious injury  Lol!) 
  •  What would you like to see most improve for women riders?  
 I would like to see more of the ladies’ stuff advertised and the womens’ races to be shown on TV.            
  •  Would you consider being a riding mentor for a young girl rider?    
Of course!
  •  What was the best piece of advice or tip you were given regarding riding?    
“Your clutch is your best friend”  
  •  Do you have any sponsors or any supporters that you would like to thank?  
 Tri-State Powersports and PTM 
  •  Are you an AMA Member?    
 ***Neat Fact*** about Susan… Susan is a proud Dirt Biking  Mama of Three!… She regularly rides trails with her 13 yr old son! How Sweet Is That?…

Columbia, MD
  • How Old Are You and when did you start riding?

I am 36 years old and have been riding a dirt bike for as long as I can remember – at least 30 years!

  • Who introduced you to motorcycling?

My dad got me hooked on the sport. As a little girl I can remember watching him ride wheelies everywhere he went and wanting to be as good a rider as he was.  There wasn’t any obstacle or challenge that my dad was afraid of when he was on his dirt bike! One of the greatest lessons my dad ever taught me about riding was to face fear head-on and never use the excuse that I was a girl to get out of anything!

  • What bike do you ride today?

Love my KTM 300 XCW!

  • What made you decide to start racing?

Growing up in rural WV I had always wanted to race but never could have afforded it!  After putting myself through school as a first generation college student and earning a Ph.D. I decided that it was time to do something that I had always dreamed of – there wasn’t anything stopping me as an adult! So in 2013, I learned about the ECEA and entered my very first race – the Delaware Blue Diamond Hare Scramble.  The number that I run (#334) reflects a dream come true – with 3 children at age 34!

  • What is your favorite riding memory?

It’s really hard to pick just one but here goes. Recently, I rode in the Kenda Full Gas Sprint Enduro (on International Female Ride Day) in the beautiful mountains of WV. I entered this race with husband Ryan and friend Nancy. Over the course of two long and hot days, the three of us (with support from Billy and the Ross boys) toughed out some crazy terrain and pushed our amateur selves to the limits. We cheered for each other, we laughed at each other, met a ton of new friends along the way and just had the time of our lives!  This racing experience will forever be a memory that will be shared time and time again!

  • What are your future goals?

My goals are simple – keep riding and keep having fun! There is nothing that makes me happier than being on a dirt bike surrounded by the people that I love – my family and my friends!

  • What would you like to see most improve for women riders?

I think that the sport has changed in very positive ways over the years and there are more opportunities than ever before for women to become involved. With these opportunities comes a responsibility. I would like to see more women take action and be advocates for our sport. The more we can come together – the more we can contribute – the more we will see our sport advance! Whether it is volunteering for a local club/event or hosting a program geared towards female riders (like Girls Just Wanna Ride) or just getting out on the trail – we need to be there and we need to be visible!  We can improve the sport by improving ourselves!

  • Would you consider being a riding mentor for a young girl rider?

Absolutely! To give to others is the greatest reward to oneself!

  • What was the best piece of advice or tip you were given regarding riding?

Have fun and remember that life begins at the end of your comfort zone! Never be afraid to try something new!

  • Do you have any sponsors or any supporters that you would like to thank?

My husband Ryan and three children (Gracie, Riley and Mason) are by far my greatest supporters but that’s what makes riding so much fun – we do everything as a family – we are a team!  Also, I would have to thank my ECEA and GMER family for creating a community that is so supportive of women in the sport. Finally, I would say thank you to Dunlop Tires, One Industries, Lucas Oil, Twin Air, Limited Decal and SPY for their continued sponsorship!

  • Are you an AMA Member?

Yes, I am a very proud AMA member and AMA covergirl!

***Neat Fact*** About Amanda…Amanda has a PH.D. she is ASSISTANT VICE PROVOST, Academic Standards and Policy Administration at the University of Maryland! She was also featured on the cover of American Motorcyclist Association’s in September 2014, in a feature called CHANGING PERCEPTIONS Everyday Motorcyclists Buck Popular Notions by Jim Witters. 

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