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2016 NE 24hr Challenge Team Video

Finally put together a video (CLICK HERE)13731471_10210195154739184_594413497124677014_n with the footage I had from our Adventures at the 2016 North East 24 HR Challenge Race!… Even added some BONUS footage of my final lap on Sunday – it may be some of the slowest race footage you have ever seen – but as I have always said – my Go-Pro footage is some of the best if you want an idea what the course looks like 🙂

So I hope you enjoy it and hopefully if all goes well, we’ll see you next year in New York!

Nancy <3

2 thoughts on “2016 NE 24hr Challenge Team Video

  1. Great time for sure. Thanks for the video Nancy. Can’t wait to do it again. !!!!!! You rock

  2. That is so awesome. Im a new rider. Im a mom. And im just now getting into it.

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