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OMGosh… A BECCA SHEETS Ride Clinic!

Hey Ladies!…. This is such a neat opportunity to get some inside tips at Wicomico Motorsports Park before the popular Hangover Hare Scramble Race from Pro Off-Road Racer BECCA SHEETS!

I am over the top excited to be able to make this announcement as well as being part of the planning to make this happen and I’m really hopeful for its success.

Many women feel more comfortable learning and taking direction from other women… its just natural. Becca is incredibly talented and accomplished – she was a motocrosser and then shifted to off-road where she has really honed her skills. Becca is incredibly driven and doesn’t shy away from her competition – she puts her head down and pushes through… that may be one of the biggest things I admire about her.

When I approached  Becca about this opportunity she was more than eager to jump in and is really looking forward to meeting up with some ladies that are looking to improve their skills and techniques. Everyone has room to improve and sharpen some skills… I for one can’t wait and I hope you’ll join me!

The Hangover Hare Scramble is an iconic off-road event that takes place in Southern Maryland. This rider clinic will be on Saturday, January 6th the day before the event!!!… So yes I can think of no better way to prepare for Sundays FUN!




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Giving Thanks!

There are endless reasons why I am Thankful….here are just a few… 

  • I am Thankful for all that has brought me to this point or this place in my life. I am Thankful for all of it – even the tears and fears of it – because without those struggles I may not be here – writing this today!
  • I am Thankful for finding my soulmate my better-half and that we share the same dreams and interests – I am Thankful and blessed!
  • I am Thankful for the friendships and sisterhoods I have found here with the glorious DBGA Community!
  • I am Thankful that we can encourage and inspire each other to get outside of our comfort zones and reach a little higher with every adventurous ride!
  • I am Thankful that the distances can be easily traveled because we have this great invention called the world wide web… connecting us through many, many miles!
  • I am Thankful and Encouraged because every day there is something wild and wonderful that we the Dirt Bike Girls of this sport are accomplishing at all levels!
  • I am Thankful for finding this amazing sport and all the great people I have met!
  • I am also Thankful that I Don’t Have To Eat Turkey If I Don’t Want To!

Have A Wonderful Thanksgiving Day – Ride On!


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Honor Student & Racer… Emilee Legue

Do you remember that first bike…that first race… and what led you there? Its a magical time….just hold on to those special memories and stay on track to make new ones!

After my interview blog with motocrosser turned off-roader, Christy King I received a message from Emilee Legue asking how she too could be interviewed on DBGA.  Ladies…I don’t know about you but I am indeed encouraged  by the many talented girls and women out there riding and racing… Whether its a lifelong hobby or career what you learn it is immeasurable and everlasting… Especially in the ranks of young riders… I wish I had-had the opportunities many young riders have – its amazing the lifelong friends and confidence building experiences they have from of all places…two wheels. With the guidance of great parents, mentors, riding clubs and role models the sky is the limit!

I hope you enjoy this little interview with Emilee…image2

  • How old are you and how long have you been riding? I am 15 and  I’ve been riding for about 2 years now!
  • How did you become interested in riding? I became interested in riding when my Dad had a dirt bike and I saw Metal Mulisha on television and said “Dad I wanna ride dirt bikes and race! ” I had a PW 50 but then it blew up so I got out of riding and then got back into it.
  • What types of motorcycling do you do? I race Supercross, Arenacross, Woods, and Motocross.
  • What is your current bike? I currently ride a 2000 Kawasaki KX80 basically an 85 but I’m getting a Yamaha YZ85.
  • Do you remember your first race? What was that experience like? My first race experience was kinda terrible but exciting because I puked before the race and then on the holeshot I wheelied and then I crashed a lot. I had a lot of fun though!
  • You usually race “boys” classes – Does your competition treat you any differently? What classes do you usuallyimage1 run and do you find the girls classes to be smaller…less competitive for you? I race all boys classes which is kinda hard. Some treat me different because I’m a girl and some don’t. I’ve had one kid say mean things about me before we go to the gate.. then I beat him and be stopped. I don’t run girls classes because there classes are too small and there is no competition.
  • What grade are you in? Are there other kids in your school that race? Any girls?…What do your non-riding friends think of your sport? I’m a freshman in high school. There are other kids in my grade and school that race and ride. My friends that don’t ride don’t think it’s a sport and think it’s easy and a joke which makes me mad.
  • Are you able to keep good grades? Do you feel racing helps you in school – keeping you motivated to do well so you can ride? I have very good grades and I’m on the A honor roll. I have to keep grades to race so I’m always going to school and doing my best. School motivates me to do better.image4
  • Best piece of riding advice you could share? Best riding advice I’ve giving to other riders is too always keep your head down and focus on where your going not on other riders and never look back
  • Best riding advice you have been given? Best advice I’ve gotten was to always stay calm and focus on yourself when on the track.
  • Are there any ladies in motorcycling past or present that inspire you? And if you could ask them one question what would it be? Two female motocross riders that inspire me are Christy King and Ami Houde. One question I would ask Christy is “How did you learn to deal with the boys saying things about you if they did?” And for Ami Houde would be “How did you adjust to becoming a female motocross rider in an all male sport?”
  • Do you have any sponsors and supporters you’d like to give a shout out to? Shout out to my sponsors My mom and Dad of course for always helping and a shout out to Alias Mx, True Mx , Mika Metals, the Moto Hub , Risk Racing , and Zilla Grip Tape. 

Well Emilee I was happy to get with Christy King and share your question… “How did you learn to deal with the boys saying things about you if they did?” 

Racer Christy King
Racer Christy King

“I know how tough boys can be especially in middle school but you just have to own who you are!! A bad ass girl on a dirtbike 🙂 just be confident in who you are and don’t let what anyone says bring you down.”

Christy King 2017 Full Gas Sprint Enduro Womens Amateur Champion


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Olivia Judy – One To Watch!

Some girls just have that fire and grit… In 2015 at the Full Gas Sprint Enduro CJ Raceway round in West Virginia I was enjoying a day of racing in that crisp mountain air… Sometime during the day I heard this young girl with raised voice from beneath her helmet obviously upset about something… She was so fiery and seemed huge in character, packed in a petite package.  I wondered who she was – so eager to get back out on the course after some kind of issue… I wanted to watch her ride because I knew she was after it!

When thinking about who I should reach out to for a DBGA interview – Olivia came to mind so I contacted her and asked her if she remembered that day… !

Olivia replied –  “I was so excited to race that race, then I had my first mechanical issue ever and I was about to loose my mind lol.”

I hope you enjoy this interview with this colorful and fun off-road racer… Olivia Judy. I sense her passion for the sport will propel her to the top in the near future! Best wishes to her for a safe and exciting upcoming race season and congrats to her on a well earned 4th in the 2017 Grand National Cross Country Series Womens B class!


How old are you and where is your hometown? I’m 16 years old and I live in Reedsville West Virginia

How did you become interested in riding dirt bikes and how old were you when you started riding?My interest with dirt bikes really came from my uncle Vincent who used to race and he’s actually where I got the number 241 from. I started riding when I was about 13 on a Yamaha TTR 110. 
What made you decide to start racing and when was that? A little group of boys that lived near me all raced and when I would go riding with them we would always talk about me racing and finally after lots of nagging we got my dad to give in and let me race my first race.
Do you remember what that first race was like? Any stand out moments? I remember my first race like it was yesterday, I felt like a million bucks on my Honda 150f with my mix and match gear. I actually led my first race for a little bit but then I had a big crash and lost the lead. I was so pumped because I wanted to race more than anything.
What class do you usually race and what bike are you currently riding… what do you like about it (bike)? In 2016 I raced the Girls 8-15 glass in the GNCC series then after wrapping it up early I moved up to Women amateur. In 2017 GNCC split women’s amateur up into womens B and womens C so I decided to race womens B. I currently ride a KTM 150 and I love how light and fun it is to ride.

 Ironman GNCC 2017
Ironman GNCC 2017

Tell me a little about how this racing season has been for you… What series do you follow and do any of the races stand out to you? This racing season has certainly been one to remember. From mechanical issues to turning my bike into a submarine at the Florida GNCC it certainly hasn’t been an easy year, but no matter what I’ve tried to keep a positive outlook and move forward. I race the GNCC series mainly and then will run some local races around home. Tough and techincal races are what I like the most but a race that stands out to me the most would have to be the Mountaineer run GNCC because I LOVE the rocks!
What are your future goals? Anything more than anything you really want to achieve? My future goal is definitely to be a top 3 runner in the womens pro class. I know that won’t come easy but I have wanted that from day one and I will do whatever it takes to get there!

Tomahawk GNCC 2017
Tomahawk GNCC 2017

2018 racing plans? For 2018 I plan on running the GNCC series and some other races here and there like Full Gas Sprint Enduros but as far as classes go I haven’t exactly decided yet. It all really depends on what I get done over the off season and how I feel heading into 2018.
What grade are you in and is it hard to balance school and riding? I’m a Junior in high-school and school and dirt bikes definitely do get in the way of each other. I miss a decent amount of school when it comes to traveling to races but I also tend to take some “sick” days to get in a little extra riding haha. I just have to stay on top of my game so I keep up with school and racing.
Do you have any women racers that you look up to or admire? There’s several women racers that I think are really awesome, but Tayla Jones stands out to me the most because she kills it!
How do you think we could grow the ranks of female riders? I think that Female riders need a little more recognition and girls need to know that racing is as much a girls sport as it is a boys sport.
What is your favorite terrain to ride?…Mud – Sand – Rocks – Clay? My favorite terrain is hands down rocks. I would pick a rocky rough track over a fast track any day.
What was it like lining up and racing in the WXC line at the Ironman GNCC? Lining up in the WXC class at Ironman was a really cool experience for me. I knew going into it that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the top women, but having a clear first lap and being up there running at a fast pace with other fast riders really made me pick up the pace. I know i’m far from ready to truly compete in that class but i’m hoping with some time and hard work I’ll get there!

Anyone you’d like to give a shout out to?

As always I have to give a huge thank you to everyone that makes all this possible for me. Todd Ely for taking me in and continuing to support me no matter what happens and of course the entire Tely Energy Racing team and crew for having my back and being my big family. I also couldn’t forget my Dad, Mom and brother for helping me behind the scenes and everyone who has cheered me on and supported me so far in my racing career! ~Olivia Judy 

Snowshoe GNCC 2017
Snowshoe GNCC 2017

Photos provided by Olivia Judy