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Hi! My name is Nancy – I love to ride my Motorcycles…


I have a Vintage 1979 Yamaha DT100 (a.k.a Killer) ~ 2008 Honda CR230L and a 2012 Honda CR230F

Dirt Bike Girl Adventures was inspired by the fun that I have on my bikes… I absolutely have a blast and I wouldn’t ride if I didn’t – not to say that it’s all rainbows and unicorns… I get pretty terrified sometimes but once I push through my inner battles I’m usually happy I experienced it!

I first started riding in Florida when I was about 20. I rode for a couple years – however life took me in other directions and I only was able to ride here and there… I met my man who raced Pro-Motocross and we traveled the Pro-MX and SX Series for quite a few years. So I have lived the life of a Privateer’s Woman and understand first hand the battles it includes. In between this time I rode a few times – one memorable time was actually at Guy Coopers place in Stillwater, Oklahoma – there were a handful of pros riding there between races on the tour and some of AMA was there – They had a “CUB”

This is a Honda Cub... ridiculous!
This is a Honda Cub… ridiculous!

on hand and offered it to me to ride Coops trails… So off I went – I was so happy – I remember really loving that ride… it was just on this little Cub but I hadn’t ridden in so long – it was a welcomed escape from the traveling and stress of the road. When I got back to the garage where everyone else was hanging they were all laughing at me… —–> I didn’t know what was so funny until my man told me that while they were all talking someone heard something in the woods and made everyone else be quiet… They were able to tune in and as it turns out it was me – they could hear me giggling and apparently saying things like Whoo-Hoo…omgosh…how embarrassing – but you know what – that was pure fun and I will never forget it or later that night when Duke Finch’s Fishbowl Margarita was taken off a huge tray of drinks as the server placed it on the table became off balanced and the tray of all the tables drinks landed on top of me!… ah – the memories…

In 2000 I got a TTR125L and started riding a bit more but it was always a chore to find a place to ride and my man was a motocross guy and I like the trails better – so I just didn’t do too much riding. Once I started to get back into it I learned that I outgrew the TTR and we got a CRF150 that felt so much better! I loved that bike and still have it today – I use it to teach other girls how to ride, it’s a great trainer.

In 2008 I learned about this Lead Law thing that was going to make it illegal for kids under the age of 12 to have any off road vehicle…ie: DIRT BIKE that was manufactured for kids under the age of 12!  I had to find more out about this law! I keep up to date on the issue through the AMA (American Motorcyclist Association) It came about because a child had died from lead poisoning from ingesting a childs toy that was manufactured in China. It put people in a panic and the CPSIA (Consumers Product Safety) placed a ban on items that were made for kids under 12yr old if the contained a certain amount of lead. While it was a great idea to protect kids from ingesting lead – it was not well thought out and certain items were caught up in the ban – like Dirt Bikes, ATV’s, Snow Mobiles and many more items – yet kids aren’t sticking these things in their mouths.  It floored me that there was going to be a law and I saw this as a war on our sports and on the motorcyclist future. To me I felt very strongly because my man had been riding since 4 yrs old and racing since 6 yrs old and I knew his Motorcycling experiences directly made him develop into the great hard working strong person that he is today. If your interested please go HERE to learn about “the Moto Patriot” I am still active in it and hope that it inspires people to get involved in protecting Motorcyclists Rights. In August of 2011 the President did the right thing and signed a law exemption bill for OHV’s! It was unreal…Common Sense WON!

2011 AMA Motorcyclist of the Year
2011 AMA Motorcyclist of the Year (Nancy Sabater)

Because of my efforts the AMA named me 2011 Motorcyclist Of The Year – I was floored – I had no idea until I received my AMA magazine and I was on the cover!… I am still humbled by this and know that there was a Nation filled with other people doing their part to defeat this law – they chose me and I am honored.

The last few years I have really started riding much more (figures that this late in life I would get more into it…uhg!) – My man got more involved in XC and that then started us traveling to awesome places to ride. Finding more girls to ride with makes it so much more fun – I love the moto-friendships that have developed across the Country and across Oceans!  I have since raced a few XC Races – I raced one Motocross race (I use the word race loosely…I basically rode around) – and just a couple of months ago I raced a 24hour XC race in Alabama.

My man Billy Schlag grabbing the holeshot at Mason Town GNCC 2014 (#418/104)
My man Billy Schlag grabbing the holeshot at Mason Town GNCC 2014

We get to travel around riding because we we build tracks and trails as well as leading motorcycle tours.  My man also is a rider coach so that keeps us active in the moto-community and he has been racing some of the GNCC’s this year – its been a great experience – I love the GNCC circuit – it’s way more grassrootsy than MX.

Perry Mountain 24hr Challenge Race
Me @ the Perry Mountain 24hr Challenge Race

Dirt Bike Girl Adventures is the fun side of me – it is rainbows and unicorns! I love to meet wonderful women that ride and I love to tell their stories. I have now taken on a more journalistic course as I have taken my love for writing and video to a new side of DBGA – Whether it be a professional racer or a everyday woman rider – even a total newbie to the sport – Everyone has a story and I would love to share it if they are interested.


I also contribute a column for MX ANTIX – where I write about Moto-related issues for younger riders and advocacy. A collection of past articles can be found HERE.

Dirt Bike Girl = Adventures… It really does and I’m living it!





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