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An Isle of Moto Women

The Women of Kihnu
The Women of Kihnu

I happened upon an interesting show that spoke of the different areas around the Baltic Coast. I couldn’t help but watch as the scenery was breathtaking and the story that I had happened upon included motorcycles!

I watched this documentary that showed these hearty women dressed in colorful striped traditional dress complete with head scarf and shawl working on a weathered Motorcycle – for this is their transportation – the necessity to have it in tip top running order was without a doubt high on importance.

This island is called Kihnu and it is a beautiful island in Estonia. There are about 600 people that live there and about 100 Russian made Motorcycle/Sidecars.  It’s history in a nutshell is that it was used originally by seal hunters – the men that live there are fisherman and are gone most of the year. They leave behind their women and children that are basically caretakers and guardians of the island. These people are very interested  in preserving their heritage and it is evident that they celebrate their culture and are a strong community.

Beautiful Creations!
Beautiful Mittens
Beautiful Mittens

Anything Motorcycle catches my interest and even after this short documentary was over I felt compelled to write a few notes and promised myself that I would look up more information about this place and those that lived there. I wanted to bring a small slice of information to the DBGA Community because I figured it was interesting and shows how strong women are.

These Motorcycling Women of Kihnu:

  • Raise their children alone for long periods of time
  • Grow crops and fish for food
  • Craft native crafts
  • Sew their native dress and mittens
  • Teach their heritage to others with dance, games and music
  • Manage the household and upkeep
  • Chop countless amounts of wood
  • Keep their Motorcycles running!
German Magazine Article
German Magazine Article

With the modern day society that we live in today – it is hard to realize that there are so many places that still live by the old ways. The island of Kihnu although they are by no means seeming to live with too many modern conveniences – they still have found a way to socialize via social media. They also welcome tourists to their island and seem to enjoy educating them on  their way of life as well as selling their traditional crafts and fabrics all the while their men are out at sea…

When we take to the streets, trails or where ever you choose to ride your Motorcycle – we usually use it for recreation – a way to have fun, socialize, compete or explore. These ladies huddle up on their Motorcycles as part of their survival and day to day errands – the bond between Woman and Motorcycle must be epic!

It’s an interesting life these Estonians have on the Island of Kihnu. I have read that in the winter the sea freezes and they can travel to the mainland on foot or snowmachine. I am guessing they must get fuel deliveries ever so often – just so interesting.

If I were more of an adventurist world traveler I would plan a trip to meet these strong women – The stories seem inspiring!

You can learn so much more about Kihnu HERE.

Happy Trails and Safe Travels!

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