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DBGA’s reach continues to grow

Dirt Bike Girl Adventures is about you – the dirt bike girl… no matter what your ability is or how old you are – you are enjoying this sport whether as a hobby or a passion.

I want to highlight your accomplishments and create a path for you to inspire a girl or woman to give riding a try… I have often said – “Get off the sidelines and the fencelines – give it a try”

I don’t always know who or how many I am reaching out there but every now and then someone sends me a message and I can’t help but smile and feel like some of what I do makes a difference as well as the experiences I am able to share of my own adventures with my riding buddies…

I would like to thank Rollanda Pinckard for taking the time to send me this picture and note – you have no idea how much it means to me to read your words and how happy I truly get when I hear about all the amazing tribes of ladies that are out there having fun together. We are our biggest fans, supporters and cheerleaders – we fill the void with laughter and #brapp!

Thank You-Thank You-Thank You… keep having fun – keep gearing up – keep keepin on!

Rollanda Pinckard
Wanted to share this pic with you…this is part of our gang at Lincoln Trail Motosports, last race of the season for us here. we are all racers, all women – ages 13 – 52. As the old woman in the group I can’t tell you what it means to me to see the friendships grow in depth and reach. as each new woman shows up to swing a leg over her bike, this wonderful motley crew of goons has grown and been there to smack talk and laugh with and encourage everyone. It just takes one to start it, welcoming someone else, encouraging someone sitting on the sidelines. pretty soon…well…this happens. 
So thank you for this site, for sharing what you and your friends do. It encourages us all.

Rollanda Pinckard

The Ladies of Lincoln Trail Motosports! from left to right rollanda, cara, megan, emily, danni, hanna..and not shown: amanda, sydney, shay, jaden, kloe, (another) emily, missy, rylee, holly, tina, caroline, alyssa
The Ladies of Lincoln Trail Motosports!
from left to right
Rollanda, Cara, Megan, Emily, Danni, Hanna..and not shown: Amanda, Sydney, Shay, Jaden, Kloe, (another) Emily, Missy, Rylee, Holly, Tina, Aaroline, Alyssa

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