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Dear Team,

Megan, Heather, Amanda, Susan, Kelli,

It’s only three days from the start of our Dirt Bike Girl Adventures!… As I prepare, gather and pack I want to tell you how happy  I am that you wanted to be a part of this team. Know that each one of us will be doing the very best we can for ourselves and our each other. What makes our team unique is that we are all very different in our skills on the track and that we are racers as young as 17 and as old as 46!

So lets do this ladies! Best boot forward…

I’m looking forward to sharing this Adventure with you and will forever hold the memories close to my heart… I wish that this experience is all that you wished it to be and that when you look back on it you’ll leave with a big smile and a happy heart!

We haven’t even stepped on the track yet and I feel that we will be friends forever!


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