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Day In The Life of a WMX Racer project


Pay It Forward… You may have heard this saying before. It doesn’t have to do with money yet it does have to do with investments…

 Investments in time & energy…

When I first heard that the Womens Pro Motocross Series would be heading to my neck of the woods at Budds Creek Motocross Park my mind began to race. I had lots of thoughts on what DBGA could do to bring attention to the fact that some of the top women in the sport would be here getting the opportunity to showcase their moto-skills.

Right away I thought this would be a great opportunity to introduce a young girl to the sport or rather introduce a girl already in the sport to get to know the sport on a pro-level.

There was the idea – and out from it grew “The Day In The Life of a WMX Racer”

First I had to find a professional and then I had to find an amateur…

Photo Credit: Mackenzie Tricker Fan Page
Photo Credit: Mackenzie Tricker Fan Page

The Pro: Meet Mackenzie Tricker a 21 year old Professional Motocross Racer from Australia. Mackenzie is currently 4th  in the WMX Series.

WHY WE LOVE KENZI: She has displayed an undeniable commitment to race… She left her home and has been in America seeking to race against the most talented racers in our country. Currently 4th in the WMX Series, she has not shied away from trying different disciplines – she has been quite successful in the Full Gas Sprint Enduro and the sometimes quite brutal Grand National Cross Country Series. When she gets knocked down – she gets back up – she has that never quite fire in her belly and is an excellent role model for the sport as well  as being coached by one of the most admired and talented racers in the Motocross World,  Jessica Patterson (7x Womens Motocross Champion).  Its not easy for anyone to stay committed with training and racing schedules – yet being on the other side of the globe from your family and friends – continuing through injuries and struggles to stay the course and find the strength is something quite special. That is a quality that needs to be highlighted. That is a quality that should be shared with the youth amateur racer. When I approached Mackenzie about this opportunity she never hesitated – she was very excited to be involved…which is most excellent! Follow Mackenzie on Facebook

You’ve heard it before – It’s not easy being a Woman in a Male dominated sport – yes – this is a fact, even if you just focus on the strength differences – but if your trying to make it as a Professional Woman Racer in the Industry – it is insanely difficult. While the opportunities seem to be there on the surface its not all that easy to get solid racing support. The Struggle Is Real – but you continue to show your skills and you hope that your results will speak volumes for you.

If we want the sport to be there for the future women racers we need to build that gate – and it starts with us – all of us – all levels. Here we are Dirt Bike Girl Adventures bringing together 2 racers… Paying it Forward…

Brooke Bowlin - Facebook_
Brooke Bowlin – Facebook_

AMATEUR RACER BROOK BOWLIN! Who is Brooke Bowlin? She is a 10 yr old fifth grader from Timonium, Maryland. She has been riding since she was only 4 yrs old! Not only a motocross racer Brooke has even raced indoor Flat Track and knows how to twist that throttle! As if that’s not enough – Brooke is also quite a swimmer and is currently on a swim team! Brooke is quite an accomplished young racer with a bright future ahead of her. While she has her eyes set on a future in Motocross she seemed like a perfect candidate to partake in The Day In The Life of a WMX Racer… This special day at the track will give Brooke insights on what it means to live this sport to the extreme. It will also present opportunities for her to ask questions and meet those on the top box of the sport. I am so excited to bring these two ladies together and look forward to bring you the report of the day!

My goal is to be one of the most competitive female athletes in the motocross industry. Also to promote motocross so that girls of all ages know that it is possible for females to be competitive in any class of motocross racing… ~Brooke Bowling

Two Days Of Racing!

Brooke will be racing this weekend as well – Saturday and Sunday! Cheer for her as she twists that throttle!!! Follow Brooke on Instagram

Schedule for Round 9 Budds Creek WMX 

Stay Tuned!

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