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Emily Streets Goes Pink


If you’ve bundled up to watch the youth races in the morning at a GNCC (Grand National Cross Country) through the early morning fog your eye may have been drawn to youth racer Emily Streets.

Emily can’t help but stand out in a background of mist and mud… With her long blonde braid and signature brightly colored dirt bike – you definitely find yourself wanting to pay attention to her and cheer her on as she makes her way around the challenging courses.Emily Streets

This past Sunday morning the colors were a little brighter – a little pinker… I noticed Emily’s backgrounds were bright pink…

In a Facebook post following her win at Mountain Ridge, Emily “dedicated” her win to woman battling breast cancer and stated that she would be sporting the pink backgrounds all month which I found to be a beautiful gesture – she added the following statement and this is what propelled me to reach out to her for some insight on this young accomplished  pro-active racer.


Emily Streets:    I decided to change my number plates to pink in order to show my support to the women who have battled or who are currently battling breast cancer. I hope this will help bring more awareness and encourage women to get their “Ta-Tas” examined.Emily Streets Mountain Ridge

DBGA: How old are you and what grade are you in?

ES: I am 16 and a junior at Grafton High School.

DBGA: When did you become interested in riding dirt bikes and how old were you when you started?

ES: A couple years before I started racing, I would go to the races with my neighbor. When he was at home riding, I would sneak up on the hill and ride his bike. My parents eventually found out and they finally bought me a bike.

DBGA: What was your first bike and what are you riding today?

ES: I started out on a TTR 125 and mid-season we purchased a CRF 150RB.

DBGA: In the GNCC series, you are currently second in the points in the Girls (8 – 15) Congrats on that! Is there a specific round this year that was most memorable?

ES: My most memorable round would have to be Mountain Ridge, because I battled with one of the girls until the final lap when I pulled a 15 second lead.Emily Streets On the box

DBGA: Do you race any other series?

ES: Yes, I race a couple of our local race series, Mountain State Hare Scramble and KSR Enduro. In those races I race the Super Mini class for more competition.

DBGA: Is it pretty difficult for you to balance school and racing?

ES: Yes, sometimes because when I’m stuck doing homework, I would rather be out riding. I also miss some days of school in order to travel to the GNCC races.

Emily StreetsDBGA: Does your school know about your sport and accomplishments and if so do they support you?

ES: Not many people race in my school, so they don’t know much about it. My close friends wish me luck and congratulate me. A couple have even come to a race and supported me.

DBGA: Are you involved in any other sports?

ES: I played soccer from age 3 until my freshman year when I decided to make racing my priority.

Emily Streets

DBGA: What are your goals for racing? Do you see yourself someday racing the WXC class?

ES: My goal is to work hard and improve my skills. I’m also going to work toward a championship in the Women’s Amateur class. Yes, someday I hope to see myself racing in the WXC as sponsored rider.

DBGA: Is there a woman racer that you admire or look up to, if so who and why?

ES: I look up to Kacey Martinez, because she’s an outstanding racer and she is a great role model.

DBGA: What do you think would attract more girls into the sport?

ES: Girls might get attracted to the sport if we were to get more recognition and more sponsors willing to help us.

DBGA: What’s the best advice you have gotten regarding riding or racing?

ES: The best piece of advice I have gotten about riding was from my sponsor and mechanic, Mark Myers, which is “ride it like you stole it”.  I have gotten so much great advice from many riders, it’s hard to pick just one.  They have always told me to work hard, stay focused and you can accomplish your goals.

Emily StreetsDBGA: I’m sure you have a big team behind you…

ES: I have many people behind me, Mark Myers and MCI racing, RG Honda, Bill Dailey at Outlaw Motorsports, Morgantown power, Dunlop, Northern Sales, Amsoil, Spider Graphix and my race family and friends.

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  1. great interview looks like you had a great year proud of you and above all stay safe

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