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Fly Racing Sector Racing Boot Review

Hello DBGA Community! 

Fly Sector Racing Boot Review YouTube play

I just recently completed my review on the Fly Racing “Sector” boots made by TCX… and I have to say they really met my expectations!

I made this review video after I had about 7 hours of trail riding on them – I found them to be of excellent quality and comfort. However I was finally able to put them to the test in race mode as I just competed in the final round of the Full Gas Sprint Enduro in Union, South Carolina… This race was a 2 day event and on the first day the conditions were insanely dry – there were wildfires in nearby communities just to give you a feel for the conditions… On the second day of racing the sky opened up and did a heavy soak on the mostly clay course… It hadn’t rained in weeks so it was a real blessing for the area. This weather scenario was actually quite perfect for 20161113_155156my review because what had prompted me to even look into the Sector boot was to find a lighter boot that wouldn’t be compromised in protection – in previous mud situations I had found my Gaerne’s far too bulky and heavy feeling.

I planned to do a real comparison of the SG12 Gaerne boots that I have owned for a little over a year now on the first day of competition and then switch to the Fly Sector boots the following day – so with the change in conditions it was a perfect way for me to get a better feel for the differences.

I wear a size 8 in women’s and with boots coming in mens sizes I run size 7. In my Gaerne’s I have a nice Sole’ insole in them that takes up the little bit of room in the boot up and down –  they are extremely comfortable wearing. I feel solid on the bike and have no issue – except for the fact that they feel like lead weights! I really would notice this on a mud ride. The Fly Sector boots however (also a size 7 in mens) are a little different, as they come with an inner booty. I found it at first a little strange to slide it into the boot but once I did my foot seeded nicely inside. The area around my calf left a tiny gap in the boot – you can see that pictured in the video…the boot still latched fine and presented no trouble – I measured my calf circumference to be 16 1/2″ however once I added my riding sock, leggings, shin pad and riding pants it was a bit more. In the Gaerne’s I encountered no such issue with the calf width.

Once on the bike I settled in nicely in the Sector boot – I thought for sure I would need to adjust because I just the day before I had ridden 6 special tests in my Gaerne’s however surprisingly I felt right at home. Once my boots packed with mud I didn’t feel like they were unbearably heavy like my SG12’s which was really awesome especially since riding in wet clay pretty much is no fun to me… I say the only good wet clay is on a potters wheel…

So overall I give the Fly Sector boots a BIG… Image result for thumbs up image

I feel they are a Premium Race Boot made with great quality components and I LOVE the fact that they are at an affordable price point at only $350!…and a pound lighter than the SG12’s!

Hopefully your local dealer has some you can try – if your in the Virginia/Maryland/D.C. area be sure to check out my dealer Ride On Moto and let them know Dirt Bike Girl Adventures sent ya!

Happy Riding & Be Safe – also…stay connected with us on Facebook!

If you have these boots or any boot recommendations you’d like to talk about be sure to comment here or on Facebook – I love to hear from you and your opinions count!



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