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Heather Cosner’s FGSE Race Report

Its always a blast in the Womens Amateur line at a Full Gas Sprint Enduro… While there is always competition the atmosphere is totally chill…and we get to see each-other 6 times in between tests both days. We are always chatty-Kathies…and its not always race talk – but what is always common is our enthusiasm for everyone to have fun – we support each-other and always try to make newcomers feel welcome and included!

While I didn’t race this round I did manage to still do a little chit-chatting with the ladies…the usual smiles and happy-times surround the line.

Round 3 we saw a newcomer, Cindy Harris. I believe I had heard that she had never raced in the woods – so she opted to hit the Cross-Tests only, which is a great way to still have a blast and build your speed. We had Claudia, Dawn, Christy and Heather…who ran all 12 tests throughout the weekend. The courses on Saturday were super slick – the woods test had a couple tricky uphills out of hairpin bottom corners also a greasy stream to traverse which definitely let those with woods experience shine. So far this season this had to be one of the more challenging woods (enduro) courses.

Each lady had their experiences out there with natures elements – yet all arrived time after time with smiles and laughter – you can’t beat that!

Heather Cosner
Heather Cosner

This round we saw Heather Cosner take the win in class – Heather is such a great competitor – and the ladies…or guys should never underestimate her. She is gritty and isn’t afraid of a challenge…and if its slick and rocky…well you have better be on your A-Game because she seems to really get into her zone in some of the most gnarliest of conditions!

I sat down with Heather after the race – take a moment to hear from the winner in her own words about the race and why she seeming to prefer the Full Gas Sprint Enduro over the Grand National Cross Country Series and how the two compare. 

Heather Cosner\'s FGSE Race Report Rnd 3 2017 YouTube play

Happy Trails!

Nancy 🙂

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