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Heidi Hawkins – NE24 Race Report

Dirt Bike Girl Adventures Northeast 24hr Team Member

HEIDI HAWKINS… (in her own words)

Heidi Hawkins
Heidi Hawkins

My experience at the 24 hour Northeast race…… In one word…. Epic!

I was excited and anxious when I became a member of the Dirt Bike Girl Adventures Team! I had only ridden a few times during 2016.   When I arrived at the track and started meeting my teammates one by one, my anxious feelings turned into determination!

My first lap was getting use to riding again and during my second I said to myself,

“Lets do this”.   When I went out for my night laps I made a mistake.  I did not check my battery for my headlight.  So I did one lap and was forced to pit.  My 3:00 am-ish lap was crazy and my slowest…The dust was unbelievable.   I am not sure if the dew mixed with the dust and made things worse, but I felt like I was in a volcanic ash cloud.

Night Fun
Night Fun

I stayed up for my teammates the entire time and also served as my hubby’s duo pit crew.  We came in second and ended up losing to a pro team by two laps.  We also beat many guy teams…

I am so proud of every teammate!! I am blessed to have met some lifetime friends.   It is great to meet girls who ride.

One of the funniest moments was when we tried to figure out how many laps we did on our fingers after many hours of no sleep.

Counting on our fingers...
Counting on our fingers…

If I get to do this again I want to ride more laps, check my battery at least four times before I head out on the track and ride more before the race… I hope to be on the #DBGA team again.



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