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It’s Never to Late…

It really is never to late to learn how to ride.

Take the lovely Sharon Hunt.

Motorcyclist Sharon Hunt
Motorcyclist Sharon Hunt

At 61 yrs young she is living her motorcycling dreams… finally! She was told by many that her thirst for motorcycling was something she should suppress – and she did – for years! However once she retired she felt those thoughts of motorcycling creeping back and decided to take control and make her motorcycling quest a reality.

I met Sharon through Author and Motorcyclist Liz Jansen.  As Sharon had found Liz while searching for opportunities to learn about motorcycling and multiple conversations later – she had expressed to Liz her desire to try off-road riding. Liz and I had met in January 2012 when she interviewed me at the D.C. International Motorcycle Show – Liz is a wonderful person and I am blessed to have met such a talented motorcycling lady. We still keep in touch and since Sharon lives in Maryland Liz connected us. Several emails later and one wonderful phone conversation I offered her the use of my CRF150 and some trail riding coupled with a bit of off-road fundamental tips. It was a great day – Sharon was so eager to get to it! I could see that her desire to learn was equaled to her excitement – which made it super fun for me!

Sharon already knew how to ride – especially since she had recently returned from an Alaska Motorcycle Tour! She got on the bike in full road touring gear and made her first lap without much difficulty – I stopped her from time to time to simply address some positioning tips (street riding and dirt riding can be a bit different) – she adapted very well – I can tell with more time on the trail and bike she would be able to excel.

I wanted to share her story with other you because I truly believe it to be an inspiring one. Everyone has a story to tell – no matter what your riding ability or years riding are. If your riding – your having an ADVENTURE!

Please take a moment to read her interview HERE as well as other inspiring Ladies the RIDE!

2 thoughts on “It’s Never to Late…

  1. Thank you Nancy for the kind words. More importantly thank you for the huge difference you’re making for motorcyclists everywhere.


  2. I have been riding since 1980, I lanered how to ride on a 1979 1000 cc Sportster, which was my husbands. I then graduated to my own Honda 450. It was great riding back then, I was one of the first women to start riding my own bike. The looks I got when riding in the 80 s were really meaningful. It is great to see how women evolved and ride their own. I have owned personally three Harley Davidson bikes. My current ride is a 2010 Hertitage Softail. I love riding with my daughter, husband and friends. I am really proud of my daughter, who grew up on bikes, who rides her own 2006 Heritage Softail, which she bought new.

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