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King – Moto Girl Shredding Off-Road

Ladies… you are in good company…GR8 company actually… Take notice of the amazing women out there shredding tracks and trails and get to know them and their stories of grit and ambition – they will surly make you smile – laugh and just plain…WoW YA!

Last weekend at round 8 of the 9 round Full Gas Sprint Enduro Series Womens Amateur Racer, Christy King made her Honda 250 sing! Christy was really enjoying her race weekend as the course was suited to her moto-background and wide-open moto-style. Coming in after 12 special tests with a time of 1:37:47.063 this is close racing to the finest degree… you have to be perfect and Christy was perfect… toping the class in all twelve tests!

Christy is always smiling…she is a happy soul and I love to see her as she strives to tame that moto-throttle through the woods throughout the weekend.

It was super cool that the Full Gas Sprint Enduro series founder Jason Hooper decided to recognize Christy

Becca Sheets Tayla Jones Christy King FGSE Rockcrusher
Becca Sheets
Tayla Jones
Christy King
FGSE Rockcrusher

with third place money from series sponsor PRI Insurance from the premiere womens class – inviting her to the premiere womens podium for a sweet trophy and interview… Never before has it been done – podiums are usually reserved for the premiere class – but not this weekend…this weekend one of our own was up there saying her thank you’s…you can’t help but imagine that the near future we will see King on the box with the fastest off-road women in the sport on more of a regular as she continues to develop her skills and work to move up in class.

So I caught up with Christy to learn a little more about this powerhouse in the womens amateur class,  she sits in the lead currently a mere 14 points ahead of Heather Cosner who is an absolute ripper on the technical courses! The final round of the series is at Big Buck, November 11th and 12th and should be exciting! It’s a great mix… but the cross test is usually fast – real fast and that may be just what King needs to put it all together!


Age and Hometown?

I’m 23 years old from Canal Winchester, Ohio.

How long have you been riding and how did you become interested?

I’ve been riding a dirt bike since I was 6 years old, so going on 18 years! I have 2 older brothers that used to race, so I’ll say I got it from them. My brothers had friends that rode too and they would always come with us to the races. Mostly local motocross races but we always went to Mini O’s and a few other big nationals. It was always a good time. In 2005, my brother Jimmy had a bad crash that left him paralyzed from the chest down. After that, my other brother Jason didn’t ride much and it’s just been me ever since.

When did you decide to try racing and what was your first race experience like?

My brothers raced and I always had to do what they did. My first race was in 2000 at our local fair. I was just this tiny little 6 year old girl on a pw50 lined up with a bunch of boys. It was a full gate and I ended up 9th I think.


What is your current race bike?

I have a 2010 crf250r as my motocross bike and a 2012 crf250r as my woods bike.

Do you prefer 2 stroke or 4 stroke?

Probably the 4 stroke. I’ve ridden the 65’s and the 85’s and decided to have a 125 as my first big bike. I switched to the 4 stroke in 2012 and haven’t really looked back since. I feel my speed improved a lot when I switched to the 250f and I like not having to shift all the time haha. Although lately I’ve been pretty curious how I’d ride a 2 stroke now.

Best add-on to your bike…

My graphics! Since his crash, my brother Jimmy has been building his own graphic business called Fast Am Productions. His stuff is high quality and I like the option of having complete customization on my bike and jersey kits. Other than that, probably my fork seal savers! All the parts on my bike are usually OEM.

IMG_2201You come from a motocross background – now you race off-road as well… What made you try off-road and do you prefer one more than the other?

My boyfriend actually got me into off-road. When I was on 85’s I used to race a few of the GP’s at a track close to me called Fast Traxx. Once I got on big bikes I was nervous to try racing woods because I was so short on my bike and it’s always a struggle to pick my bike up after I fall, and to be honest I just wasn’t a very good technical rider.  Basically, this whole year I have been only off-road, and it has been a crazy adjustment, but I’m really enjoying myself. Ohio motocross is pretty stale, and I’m tired of paying a bunch of money to sit around waiting all day to only race 8 or so laps. Off-road is so much more challenging and I actually feel proud of myself when I finish a race so I prefer off-road right now.

I’ve seen you race the GNCC Series as well as the Full Gas Sprint Enduro Series… For your friends that think off-road is off-road can you explain the difference between these two off-road series that you race and which one suits you best and why?

To me, GNCC is like the top dog when it comes to American motorcycle racing. You show up to the place and you can barely get a parking spot it’s so packed with people. It’s actually pretty intimidating. The whole time I’m on the line waiting for my row to go, I’m just running scenarios through my head about how wild the next 2 hours are going to be. I really like the Full Gas Sprint Enduro series because you only have to endure the craziness for about 10 minutes at a time, opposed to 2 hours. The whole format of FGSE is perfect. They definitely suit me better. The tracks are usually nowhere near as rough as the GNCC’s get, but a few rounds have been pretty crazy this year! I love that it’s a single file start and you’re basically out there racing with yourself. You don’t have to worry about coming together with any other riders. It’s also awesome that youIMG_5171 get to ride on 2 separate tracks over the whole weekend! I’m still struggling in the woods so the field tracks can give me a chance to make up the time I lost on the woods portion. It helps that a few of the rounds actually had motocross tracks as the cross test. The jumps definitely give me an advantage. And the vibe at FGSE is so laid back! It doesn’t even feel like you’re at a race. I love all the people I’ve met doing this series, you have no choice but to make small talk with the riders in your row as you’re waiting for your turn. The only downfall of the series is that you pretty much have to be perfect all 12 tests over both of the days if you want to get good placing.

What was it like sharing the podium with two of the fastest off-road women this past weekend at Rockcrusher FGSE?

It was awesome!! That was the first big check I’ve received in all my years racing dirt bikes and to get it in my first year in off-road was so rad!! Becca and I grew up racing motocross together, so it was just super cool to see how things come around full circle and I was able to be up there with her making Ohio proud.

Is there a female racer past or present that you truly admire?

When I was younger I always looked up to Ashley Fiolek and Tarah Geiger. Those are some pretty cool chicks.

What are your goals for 2018?

I’m not really sure. I want to do more Full Sprints, probably not the whole series again but definitely the ones that are closest to me. My boyfriend is doing the full GNCC series in the XC3 class so I will be at all of those, but I will probably only race a few of them. Maybe try for Loretta Lynns. Who knows! I’m just going with the flow and seeing where it takes me.

 Best riding advice given to you that you still refer to today?

 Grip with your legs!

 If there is anything you would like to see changed or improved for women in the sport…what would that be?

I’d just like to see more girls getting out there and racing in general. This sport could really benefit from girls. In motocross, I feel the women don’t really get taken seriously. The WMX is nothing compared to what it used to be and I believe it’s because not many women are racing every weekend. But it’s hard to when there’s no money in it. I think the off-road series takes good care of their women riders, way more than motocross. Things could only get better if we had just as many women out there riding as boys.

 Feel free to list your supporters and peeps you’d like to thank.

I’d like to thank my mom, dad, brother, and boyfriend. They are the only ones helping me get to the races each weekend!

🙂 N

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