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KyleWolfe’ KickStarter

I learned about Kyle Wolfe and his project yesterday and once I watched his KickStarter fund video and read all the positive feedback on social media I felt I should reach out to Kyle and try to help in some way. I am a huge advocate for women in the sport – all levels… If the women at the Professional Level are not getting promoted in a positive manner or in some-cases at all – well there is a problem that will eventually trickle down to the grassroots of the sport.
These women, while they are putting in the practice time and dealing with all the same issues and even more in some cases, definitely deserve some recognition. While Racer Productions promotes them as a highlight in the morning class on the front row race lineup, there will always be more that can be done to continue to grow the ranks in the sport.
Kyle Wolf (facebook)
Kyle Wolfe (facebook)

These women are strong – they are bold and they are up to the challenges and we need to continue to support them when opportunities arise. Here is such an opportunity… Take a moment to learn about the man that is looking to produce a documentary and film that is all about them – Their Story… not just a highlight or a little puff of glitter…Their Story from top to bottom. If you can not help Kyle with this project financially please consider sharing this interview along with the links to your friends, family and rider clubs.  Time is of the essence 

 Nancy Sabater

Can you tell me a little of your background in the sport?

My dad got me involved early when I was just two weeks old.  He was promoting a motorcycle race at Laidley Field at the University of Charleston.  I started riding at age 3, racing at age 4, and  I’ve been racing ever since.  Since 2009 I’ve been promoting races with my dad and my brother at the Action Sports Moto Park in Athens, Ohio.  I’ve also done some announcing work in the past at the GNCC’s and a couple of the Pro Nationals, as well as spun wrenches for some of the pro supercross and motocross racers right now.
What inspired you to get involved in promoting the women of off-road?
I had been attending several of the GNCC’s the last couple years and had my video camera with me, and I knew a couple of the female riders well, so I decided to film their races and edit them together.  They were glad that I was doing it and I started looking around and noticed there  wasn’t really anything else that was just for them.  My friend Jared Bolton had done a few videos in the past with them, but there wasn’t really anything other than that.  It really surprised me that there wasn’t any more than what Jared and myself had done, other than some race reports.  X Games have helped a little with their addition of the Women’s class for Enduro X, but the one day that they race is it, nothing is stemming from that.  So that kind of got me thinking about doing more for the girls, because they aren’t getting the exposure that I think they should be getting.  When it comes to the girls, especially the one’s competing in the GNCC’s if anyone hasn’t seen them race… they’re definitely fast.
Do you remember the moment that you made the decision to go forward and start this project?…
I don’t remember exactly, I’m going to guess mid summer of 2014.  I kept thinking about it in my head, and the more I thought about it, the more ideas I kept getting and the possibilities started to pop into my head.  Even since I announced this project with the Kickstarter, people have been messaging me with ideas and possibilities that I hadn’t even thought of.  So if this project is successfully funded, I’ll probably spend more time than I need to just going over all of the creative options that have been presented to me.
Is your focus for this documentary strictly the Grand National Cross Country Series? – If so in addition to highlighting the WXC class, will you also work to bring attention to the Women’s Amateur Class as well as the youth girls class’?
It started out as being primarily with the GNCC series, because I already have a history with the girls that are racing that series.  Lately I’ve been getting contacted about adding girls that are based out West.  I know of a few girls but don’t really know much about the off-road scene out there.  I’m not sure if it’s from a lack of media exposure, or lack of Women attendance within the various series or what the case may be.  I’ve heard of a few of the racers that are doing the Endurocross series, but that’s about as far as it goes.  Luckily I’ve been in contact with a couple people who are informing me about the west coast off-road scene, so I’m definitely excited to work with some of them as well.  I plan on including an amateur and youth aspect into this project, but I won’t know who it will be with just yet.
Have you discussed this film with any of the women racers? If so whom and what are their thoughts about it?
I started mentioning the idea of the series and the film to the women racing GNCC’s during the summer and they were immediately on board.  Once it started looking more and more like this was a possibility, their enthusiasm really elevated, and the ideas kept pouring in.  They’ve been such a huge part of the planning and creative part of this project, it’s awesome. I owe them a lot of credit for making this a lot easier on me.  This series and the film is all about them and I want as much of their input as possible.
Who will be your first interview?

I’m not sure yet.  I’m waiting to find out if the Kickstarter will meet the goal, plus the majority of the racers that I know I’m working with for the project are pretty much at a stand still right now due to the weather.  Once the weather warms up it’ll be a lot easier to set up a plan with everyone to shoot with them.  If I had to guess right now, probably Kacy Martinez.  She’s based out of California and for the most part you can ride all year over there so even if the weather back here is still bad it’s a pretty good bet that she’s still riding out there.

Where do you feel the sport can better improve in promoting women in the sport?
I think it can improve by just simply doing it.  The problem is that no one is really giving them a ton of exposure.  Press is press no matter how you go about getting it.  You have to start somewhere.  All I’ve been doing up to this point has been highlight videos.  Whether they’re bad or good as long as someone is watching them it’s helping.  So the main thing to help promote women in the sport is to just do anything at all.
Your goal is $18,000.00 and you have less than thirty days to get it… If tomorrow you find that the KickStarter fund is an early success – are you and your crew ready to go?!
Absolutely!  It’s been primarily me along with the help of the girls during the pre-production process, and it’ll be mostly me during the production process with filming with all of the girls at all of the different locations.  I’ll have help from my brother Ryan when he is able to help me with the filming.  The biggest challenge will be music.  I’m wanting an original score produced not only for the film, but for the series as well. But that’s still a long way off.  There’s still plenty of time to figure all of that out, but I’m definitely excited to get started!

Kyle Wolf's KickStarter Fund for the documentary "Our Story - Women of Off-Road"

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