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Hi! So much is happening right now – so excuse the lack of postings here – I use Facebook more regularly it’s easier for me to connect with people that way…

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Happy to be one of the Sponsors for the Hangover Hare Scramble 2017! I have competed in this 2 hour off-road race since 2012…It was my first race and now I make a point to race it every year… In November of 2015 I was gearing up for the race and started searching as to where and when it would be taking place…but nothing came up on the interwebs. I told my better-half, Billy and he said “We’ll Put It On”…I was like “WHAT?” and then it started – we reached out to our friends and went through the motions.2016-01-04_22-08-24 I of course raced it and had a blast!  You couldn’t have asked for a more perfect weather race day either! (Braap Magazine 2016 Race Report)

So here we are it’s now a part of what we do and we are enjoying it immensely! Trails were surveyed in 2016 and stakes are in the ground for the 2017 event! A crazy cold blast laid a few inches of snow as well as bone chilling 7 degree temps and wind gusts as high as 30mph forced us to postpone the race until the following Sunday…Still in the Hangover fashion – it will be chilly and all that comes with that but it isn’t looking frigid and dangerous for people to travel which is a plus!

As far as the girls and ladies classes – they seem to be filling up nicely which is so awesome! I feel like I am witnessing a surge in female ridership and that is clearly such a positive for the sport!

So here’s to hopes for an awesomely fun race day in only 4 days!…let the countdown begin!


2015 Race Ready Hangover Hare Scramble

2015 Race Report Hangover Hare Scramble


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