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Mallory Eberhardt – IRONWOMAN


[ahy-ern-woo m-uh n]
noun, plural ironwomen.
1. A female worker or athlete of great physical endurance who can be depended upon to perform a given task or job tirelessly.

You couldn’t help to notice the two die-hard women on the Northeast 24hr course…Both women lap after lap in the afternoon light to the pitch black of night carrying on into the golden rise of the morning sun. They passed me on the trail effortlessly – no display of their inner struggles or hardships – they were committed to continue – their goal not yet met – the race was tight and exciting –  we all looked on encouraging both as they throttled on…

I feel their journeys should be documented, they are inspirational and we can all learn from their experiences and celebrate their efforts and talents!


Mallory EberhardtIMG_1900
24 HOURS ~ 17 LAPS = 204 MILES
  • Where do you call home? My hometown is Lyons, NY
  • How old are you and how long have you been riding? I’m 24 years old, and have been riding for just 2 solid years
  • How did you get into riding (how old were you and what was your first bike)? I was 8 years old when I started riding. I raced a KTM 50 on flat track at Paradise  Speedway along with my brother and dad. 
  • What race series do you follow? Currently I don’t follow a race series. I recently just finished my first GNCC and WNYOA  race a few weekends ago and look forward to many more!
  • What made you decide to Iron-woman the NE 24hr race? Have you ever done anything like that? So what made me want to Ironwoman? I’ve always been a competitive person. I  naturally take responsibility for myself whether it’s succeeding or failing. It’s the  challenge and mental toughness it takes that I enjoy. I went to the Perry Mountain 24  Hour challenge in Alabama with my brother as support in 2012. So when Arcadia Bark  Busters decided to host one close to home, it was a no‐brainer to do it. Last year was my  first 24 hour race and it was a blast!
  • What were some of the things you did to prepare yourself and your bike for such a feat? To physically prepare for this race, a little gym time, running and hydration‐hydration. I  finally had my suspension setup, lowering my bike which has made an amazing  difference! Thanks to Steve Mathewson, you rock.
  • What bike did you ride for this race? I race a 2004 KTM 200 EXC.
  • Have you ever ridden at night before? What was that experience like for you? I rode last year at the 24 hour race at night for the first time‐it was horrifying! Thankfully  with adding another Task Racing light it made this year’s experience much better. A little  less dust next time please!? LolIMG_0938
  • How did you stay motivated throughout the 24hrs? To stay motivated I had a goal set from last year, and it was great to have competition to  keep me going. My dad who we don’t call “Maddog” for nothing was there to push me  along with my boyfriend. My brother and his team “Bushwackers 2.0” shared some wise  advice to keep me going and entertained. I had a support system to keep me  encouraged through the whole event which was awesome!
  • Did you ever “hit the wall” so to speak – can you remember a time that you were really struggling to ride and ride safely? . I “hit a wall” around 4:30am when I thought making up 3 laps was out of reach. So silly  66763280-IMG_2075me, I took a nap. 24 Hours seems like forever, but it’s truly not enough time allowing  you to sleep when you’re racing! Lesson learned. 
  • Most memorable part of the race? My most memorable moment, is hopping back on the bike in the morning to ride 3  more laps after basically already calling it quits. That was a tough feeling to fight but I  did it!
  • Did you have any mechanical issues out there? How much fuel did you use? Did you have to change tires? No major mechanical issues (you’re welcome Maddog) just spark plugs, lots of air filters  and gas!
  • Any advise you would like to share to someone who is contemplating taking on this challenge? My advice for the challenge: There’s always more gas in your tank than you think  (metaphorically) and don’t sleep! You can sleep when it’s over. Lastly, remember to  have fun that’s what it’s all about.
  • Are you interested in doing this race next year? As far as next year’s event, when are sign ups!? Looking forward to it 😀
  • Looking back is there anything you would like to do differently next year? Next year, I plan to keep the gas on longer and hammer down harder. There is much fun  to be had on the trails, not resting!
  • Who would you like to give a shout out to? People that helped you make this happen? Any sponsors you would like to thank?  A HUGE shoutout to my dad “Maddog”, my brother Seth, and boyfriend Rick for making  it all happen for me. I could not do it without the 3 of them, they support me in every  way and I can’t thank them enough. Also Jake Dennis and the rest of Arcadia Bark  Busters for putting on this event, you all are awesome human beings, thank you all!
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