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Marina Grubb – NE 24 Race Report

Dirt Bike Girl Adventures Northeast 24hr Team Member

MARINA GRUBB… (in her own words)

My 24 hour reflection?  Lets start from the beginning… My husband called me and said he was just asked on Wednesday to be part of a team..  I said “WHAT ABOUT ME, I WANT TO RACE TOO”  He said, NO…  you can’t, it’s all full.  Well, one quick visit to Facebook and a post later I found the possibility of joining DBGA….I called him and told him and he said “WHAT?”  he has told me before not to race,  We mostly enjoy Hatfield McCoy Trails, and Poker runs.. But a 24 Hour Enduro—– with Girls—– I”m in !

Marina and her husband Derek (they say...a couple that rides together stays together!!!)
Marina and her husband Derek (they say…a couple that rides together stays together!!!)

 Lucky me.. Samantha’s husband saw my post on Facebook and told DBGA about me… Nancy contacted me and and wanted a full riding  history report…  Hmm, no racing history,  attempted a GNCC and failed (ran out of gas) but, what I think caught her attention was that my bike of choice is a 450…lol…..  But anyway, we clicked and she invited me to join the 24 hour race.


We drove 4 hours to NY, upon seeing all the tents, and the roped off track made me both nervous and excited.  As we stopped the RV to look around, Lucky me,  we were sitting right in front of Nancy’s rig. , Nancy and Heidi were sitting out front, and said, “There’s Marina!   I jumped out and met my first couple team members, then  we took our first selfie.  The “Pre Race Selfie”  “the one

Pre-Race Selfie! 10 minutes after meeting :-)
Pre-Race Selfie! 10 minutes after meeting 🙂

where we are all alive and well, with no bruises and such. Samantha showed up a few minutes later.   It was great to meet women that shared the same desire of riding like I do.    They were telling stories of racing, but for me, I didn’t have much to say…but Tomorrow is a new Day!  Tomorrow we unite as DBGA!


I awoke the next morning, did I really sleep?  I don’t think so.  My heart rate was 120 bpm.  I tried to relax..  Nothing worked.. I even did yoga.  My rotation spot was 5th,  I thought I would have a heart attack to wait so long.  Things were looking great, Our TOP GUN-Kristina quickly showed her skills, nabbing the hole-shot and getting an early lead and finishing lap two in first place.  Next up was Heidi, then Nancy and then Samantha who each did two laps.  Finally, it was my turn, they put the velcro strap on and

Marina getting ready to go!
Marina getting ready to go!

I was out of there….  Dust!  Lots of Dust!  Reminded me of chasing my husband on snowmobiles where it’s a complete white out, only this time it’s hot and sticky.  The trail was much more narrow that what I’m used to and the dust piles turned into dust bowls that would swallow your front wheel.  On my first lap, anxiety went away, and I was getting into a nice rhythm, then all of a sudden a guy slammed into me, breaking my kick stand right off the frame jamming my leg underneath the motorcycle… Thanks Mr Kick-Stand Breaker, I always wanted to know what a mouthful of silt tasted like, as I lay there with a 250 lb bike on top of me….and he rode off faster than he hit me.  Lucky for me, when I finished lap two, I improved by two seconds…. Hurray!.     Soon the sun settled, and I knew it was going to be different13692600_1123853607709136_3788045873026624645_n riding in the dark.  My next turn was supposed to be around midnight. I installed an LED light on my helmet thinking I could see better, well, sorta.  As soon as someone passed you, the light reflected the dust and it was totally blinding and the ruts got bigger and roots got more exposed,  But, I was having a great time regardless and did two laps.

Marina - night racing! photo credit: T. Ervin Photography
Marina – night racing! photo credit: T. Ervin Photography

I was thankful to the team for letting me ride the last leg of the race.. It was great to see my whole team waiting at the checkered flag for me.  We did it!  WE survived!  WE came together, and we only finished two laps down from the Pro’s.  How great is that!  I was sad to see it come to an end.. I can’t wait to do more rides with the great group of ladies, known as DBGA 2016!

Special thanks to Nancy for being a great captain, host, and believing in me.  I hope to be part of DBGA in the future.  Rock On!


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