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Megan Griffiths “How To Girl”



One thing I have learned through this journey with the Dirt Bike Girl Adventures page on Facebook, is that female riders love to hear from other female riders. I’m happy to say that I regularly receive messages from those that I call the “DBGA Community” asking advice on anything from what boots work best, what bike should I be riding to basic riding tips.  I’ve looked for some solid tip tutorials to share taught by women but usually I’ll find tips from guys – which is great but where are the girls that rip the tracks and trails – we want to learn from them too! It’s great that our little community shares tips with each other – we have a good group of women here that love to chime in when advice is needed…but seriously I know more are out there with solid foundations of dirt biking skills.

Earlier this week one of the DBGA Community members (thank you Gail!) posted a video of a girl teaching a “How To Do A Wheelie” video… I clicked it and watched…and then I watched “How To Ride Over Log Pyramids“…then “How To Ride Over Megan GriffithsSuspended Logs” then I made a Kale Power Salad and watched “Episode 1 & 2 of Life As A Dirt Biker” It was dark outside and I contemplated hooking up my helmet light to go ride my trails because who doesn’t get amped up to ride after watching someone else ripping?…but alas I decided to do the next best thing – I contacted the creator and talent behind these easy to follow tutorials Megan Griffiths! Wheelie Queen

I did this because I really enjoyed Megan’s videos. They were easy to follow – not over done…they were real – just to the point and fun! She has some amazing skills on her bike – the terrain she had video of on her channel was some of the rootiest – rockiest stuff I’d seen – and she ripped….and always seems so happy – I swear you’ll find yourself smiling!  I wanted to know a little more about the girl behind these videos – I hope you find her tips helpful and become inspired to get out and ride – maybe even try to take a little of her advice out on your next session. 

HI Megan!
I am so excited to introduce you to the #DBGA community! I am all about trying to promote the badass girls and women in the sport as well as providing a place for those that are just starting out or simple recreational riders. We all have unique stories from the ride and I love to share them!
We are Fun! We are Silly! We are interested in improving our skills and we love to talk shop – what do we ride, what products do we use?…discussions and such. We are also good stewards of the sport – we get involved in issues that concern our motorcyclist way of life. .. So let’s get started…Where are you from and how old are you?

Megan Griffiths I am 25 years old and I am from Kelowna, BC.

DBGA  How did you get involved in riding and at what age?
Megan Griffiths  I started riding dirt bikes when I was 16.  I had always wanted a bike or a quad ever since I was a little girl and by then I could finally afford one.  I’m glad I chose to buy a dirt bike instead of a quad!
DBGA  What was your first bike? What is your current ride?
Megan Griffiths  My first bike was a 2007 Yamaha TTR 125.  Then I had a KX 250 F and an SX 250F after that. The bike I am riding now is a 2014 KTM 200 XCW.
DBGA When did you get into racing?
Megan Griffiths  I first got into racing in 2012.  The first race I entered was a harescramble race in Kamloops B.C.  I definitely got beaten up and barely finished one lap but it still felt great.  Ever since then I’ve had the bug and can’t stop racing.
DBGA  What series do you race?
Megan Griffiths  My local series is the PNWMA (Pacific North West Motorcycle Association), which is cross country and Harescramble racing. There are two races that are outside my circuit that I always make sure to enter: The Desert 100 in Odessa, Washington and Red Bull Rocks and Logs in Calgary, Alberta.  Both these races are absolutely amazing to be a part off.  They are both so different from my usual racing but so intense, fun, and rewarding.
DBGA  Favorite type of dirt riding?
Megan GriffithsMy favorite type of riding is Endurocross and the really technical terrain.  I love the adrenaline rush it gives you and the feeling of accomplishment you get when you clean a tough obstacle.  Basically anything that pushes me outside of my comfort zone is my favorite!
DBGA  Whats going on out your way for women in racing?… Are the classes big or do you have to race male dominated classes for more competition?
Megan Griffiths  The women’s class in my local circuit is really great.  It is not very big yet though.  There are not enough to have a women’s A and a women’s B.  So the women’s class just races on the B loop.  I race in the men’s intermediate class because I want to be on the tougher course with the longer cut off time.  There are many great female riders out there and I’m really hoping the women’s class will continue to grow.  
DBGA  Is there a woman in the sport that you admire or find inspiration in?
Megan Griffiths  My favorite female rider is Victory Hett.  She is a phenomenal rider as well as a great person.  I looked up to her ever since I started racing in the PN series and I saw her banging bars with the guys on the A loop (the tougher course). Victoria gave me racing advice that helped me survive my first attempt at the Desert Race in Odessa and we just had such a good time down there!  She’s really knowledgeable about the whole racing industry and genuinely wants to see you succeed.  People like Victoria just make racing that much more fun! Megan Griffiths
DBGA  What are your plans with these video tutorials?    
Megan Griffiths  My plan with these tutorials is to continue making them, providing easy to understand information and tips on how to better your riding.  I want people to watch my videos and think, “I can do that.” or “I’m going to try that!”. I also really want to promote enduro riding.  It doesn’t get nearly enough hype and exposure.  It’s such a tough, amazing sport and I want to show people what it’s all about.
DBGA  What is the best piece of riding advice you have gotten?

Megan Griffiths  Hmm that’s a tough one. I’d say the best advice came from my friend Hippy. He always told me to stand up, keep my feet on the pegs, and ride it like I stole it. I’m not sure if that’s too silly haha but he hammered that into my head.

Megan Griffiths

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