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It’s Valentines Day!

Time To Say:


“It takes a special kind of person to get all wrapped up in someone that is all wrapped up in motorcycling… Its a lifestyle that is filled with peaks and valleys however the ride is amazing and so much more rewarding when you get to share it with someone that enjoys it as much as you!”

This year we hear from four ladies that love the sport and found that awesome person in their life because of the sport of off-road motorcycling…

❤️Makayla & Mike!Makayla & Mike

“Mike and I met about 5 years ago at the GNCC –  Loretta Lynn’s. We had always hung out in the same group of friends, and he secretly followed me around the track for a good year in a half he finally got the nerve to like one of my old photos on Facebook. Letting me know he was purposely scrolling through very…very old photos. I messaged him and we hit it off since then. If it weren’t for the races I wouldn’t have found my best friend and boyfriend of 3.5 years❤️😁 we have more in common than anyone I’ve ever known. It’s funny how in this big world we are brought together as a family of racing. And we find love in many different ways through this crazy sport”

Lindsay & Ryan

❤️Lindsay & Ryan

“I’ve ridden dirt bikes most my life but at the time I met Ryan I didn’t have one, so he asked me out on a date .. and at the time I didn’t know but he traded a bunch of parts to a friend to borrow his bike for me. He surprised me with a dirt bike trail ride date! We rode to a lake and he had even packed us a little lunch…. It was by far the best first date I’ve ever been on..not long after that I got another bike and we’ve been riding and racing together..He even proposed by strapping the ring to my dirt bike handlebars right before a race! Dirt biking is a huge part of our life and now our boys are riding too!”

❤️Lissa & RobLissa & Rob

“Both Rob & I were members of different Enduro club’s (& still are) but we both had an mutual friend from my club, Competition Dirt Riders. I was dating another guy when I first met Rob at his club’s Hare Scramble in October of ’00. I didn’t realize until much later this was him, but I saw a guy standing next a YZ125 “For Sale” in the bed of a truck. Since it was near sign-up, I was looking at it & bending his ear about dirt bikes (Rob always recalls this as the first time we met and who the heck was this girl rattling on about dirt bike engines).
The second time we met at one of my Club’s Easter Weekend rides the following spring. I didn’t realize this was the guy I spoke to prior at his club’s race. He didn’t say anything and was stand-off’ish, so I pegged him for a snooty fast A-rider.
During this time, I was dating a guy but we broke up shortly after that Easter Ride, but I never even thought of Rob at this point.
Our mutual club friends, once they heard I was single, pestered Rob to go on a date with me, the girl with the dirtbike tattoo (as Rob remembered me by).
Our friends thought he was younger then he was & I was older, only for us to find out once they set us up on a double date with them that we had a twelve year difference! Our age difference has never been an issue, especially once we started comparing family histories.
His father was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, the same city my grandfather was born in! They both migrated to Germany at the end of WWII and both immigrated to the USA in 1952 on the USS Hershey within a few months of each other. Rob thought I was joking at first, that our family histories mirror each other (what are the odds), but it made us realize our families came a great distance for us to eventually cross paths!
The fact that we share almost every interest & we are each other’s favorite person to go riding with, we have in our book literally found our soul mate in each other, sixteen years ago.”
❤️Samantha & RyanSamantha Bird & Ryan Francis
“My huni, Ryan Francis and I are the ultimate race couple. We are both D6 Hare Scramble multi time champions. Pretty cool that we both hold that number one plate right now together and we couldn’t be happier. We train together in the gym and on the bike . He pushes me to be a better rider and am very thankful to be able to call him my Valentine!”

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