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Next Race: Backbone Raceway…

Getting Ready for ROCKS… Mountain State Hare Scrambles Series Backbone Raceway on July 20th… This place is rocky madness – with trail names like “Nail Biter” and “PowerBand”


– I guess I’m wacky enough to give it a go. Last year I raced it twice – it is personal for me – completing it will be quite a challenge yet I am looking forward to it!

Backbone Raceway
Backbone Raceway


One thought on “Next Race: Backbone Raceway…

  1. That was a tough one! Even with the many improvements to the course regarding the rock sections – I still found a few spots that gave me trouble. The new shock I have however was a huge step in the right direction – there were many times I remembered having more serious issues getting through some particular sections last year – however now I am able to …shall I say “Rock – Crawl” a bit easier! As it turned out – my good friend Heidi raced with me – it was only her and I in the Women’s Class – Our only battle was in the start – when my bike wouldn’t start in gear and finally I got it going and raced to catch her before the first turn – grabbing the all important “holeshot”! … from there I kinda watched Heidi inch away from me – in the end she completed 3 laps and I did 2. I stopped a few times – got stuck a few and had some friendly conversations along the way.
    Good Times can come from challenges… Will I do this next year?…probably! – Thanks to my man for always supporting me- Thanks to Heidi for talking me into racing it…lol Thanks to Buck for helping me at the infamous “Nail Biter” section!

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