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2017 North East 24hr Dirt Bike Girl Adventures Team

It’s only 5 days away now… That once a year specialty race that we have been chatting endlessly about…

There is just something awesome about the entire process. Once the team is selected you form a type of sisterhood. With some of us this bond has already been solidified from past rides and even this past race… This year we bring on a new moto-ripper as well as finally getting to rip with a moto-lady that had to sit out the last two due to injury. We are also unfortunately down one of our wild-cards this year due to an unfortunate injury. However we are motivated and excited to get together to do our best and encourage each other in this test of physical and mechanical endurance. We are still a six woman team even if there will be only 10 wheels tackling the course instead of 12… Our abilities are all over the board yet always improving and this is part of what makes the team so fun!

We Have Many Layers Behind the helmet – We are women that come from totally different backgrounds – We like to ride dirt bikes yet we also like to be girly and goofy… We are smart – We are successful – We want to encourage girls and women to get out and ride… no matter your level – just take that step – and We LoVe to Have FUN! This is our Theme… FUN – Dirt Bike Girl Adventures Style!

Amanda Knapp
Amanda Knapp

AMANDA KNAPP – After reading a story in my American Motorcyclist Magazine that featured Amanda on the cover  for an article titled Changing Perspectives  – I learned that she was living in Maryland – I have always found it rather tough to meet people to ride with locally so I emailed her and invited her and her husband over to ride… This was one of the best connections I have ever made. I believe we have become great friends and they are the nicest people and awesome advocates for our sport. In 2015 I asked her to be a part of my DBGA team for the North East 24 hr race and she agreed – however she sustained a injury racing and couldn’t compete with the team – She showed her enthusiasm and grit though – as she came and supported us on crutches… She is just that type of person <3 Then in 2016 I thought for sure she would be able to join us – yet she still had issues from that original injury and just couldn’t join in the fun (sad-face :-( ) So this year will be the first year that my good friend Amanda will be able to put her wheels to the Tall Pines Dirt and go at it with us!!! So YES this is Exciting!!!

Heidi Hawkins
Heidi Hawkins

HEIDI HAWKINS – My riding buddy that never quits! Heidi is so full of energy… its insane – she can ride and ride and ride… Heidi attended a race at my property 5 years ago and ever since then we have had many fun adventures. We have ridden the roads on dualers as well and as she always says.. “Its An Adventure!” and yes it is! We have taken many spills and laughed our butts off trying to get it right… She is uber competitive and extremely tough. Another connection that I am blessed to have made and a testament to how incredible the sport of motorcycling is for all the neat people you meet.  Heidi Iron-woman’d the North East 24 hr in 2015 and Joined the team in 2016. We had a blast and her and I stayed up for the entire 24 hours last year holding down the fort so to speak in the pits. I know she has also done some big improvements in her riding this year so it will be awesome to see her clock off some laps!


Samantha Kilgore
Samantha Kilgore

SAMANTHA KILGORE – I met Samantha at a race – she likes to call “The Kenda” it was a Full Gas Sprint Enduro at Boyer Farm…lol We duked it out a bit – she was on a smaller bike and really needed to move up – she clearly was ready to spread her wings! Doing what you do when you meet a like-minded Dirt Bike Girl… You become Facebook Friends… And so it began – I asked her to be on the team for 2016 and she happily agreed! It was great getting to meet her and her guy – Samantha managed to find the one and only puddle at Tall Pines last year and took a dip in it!…. All good tho – we had a blast for sure. Since then we have had many ride day get-togethers! She corners like shes on rails…amazes me! I recently talked her into the Dual Sport life… which is just too awesome to be growing our “gang” we (Amanda, Heidi and Samantha) like to call “BIKES & BOMBSHELLS”… Samantha just recently returned from Costa Rica riding and she even did a nice write up and interview with some local women racers for the DBGA Blog… She is also very interested in getting others out on dirt bikes and spreading the Dirt Bike Girl Adventures word! Very Cool Indeed :-) I believe she may be leading our team in a Zumba warmup before the race at the pit… So Stop By! ……….

Valerie Horensky
Valerie Horensky

VALERIE HORENSKY – The newest member of our team I met at a GNCC Banquet… My dirt biking friend Dawn Silvia had told me about Valerie because she had recently moved to Maryland so I introduced myself and invited her to ride. Valerie is definitely competitive… she recently took my front wheel out at a “SLOW RACE”…yup…lol I’m glad we got to get to know each other here more recently and the opportunity presented itself to ask her if she’d be interested… I was thrilled she agreed to be part of our team for 2017 – I think shes really going to enjoy the course at Tall Pines and I’m looking forward to having her on the team!

FB_IMG_1496243849436MARINA GRUBB –  Marina was our WILD CARD… Last year I was searching for another teammate and Samantha had noticed a woman asking if there were any teams looking for another racer… It worked out perfect…especially since we had a member unable to make the race. Marina had never raced before and showed up on  a Honda 450! Yup… and she did really well… That’s why I call her our WILD CARD. She rode at night without issue… oh it was tough but she managed multiple laps as well as bringing the team in for the finish! I believe it was Kristina Zmuda and her that clocked our teams fastest laps. Marina was eager to race again with the team this year however she wrecked on her new KTM 250xc only a 2 weeks ago and broke her collarbone and sustained a concussion… We hope to see her for her team spirit and encouragement in the pits this weekend. Quick healing thoughts for Marina!

Nancy Sabater
Nancy Sabater

ME! – I can’t say it enough… I really look forward to this race every year and I hope to continue to contribute and be a part of it as long as I can. The process is a bit stressful at times but in the end it is so worth it for the awesome memories and friendships. I am super happy to have met so many wonderful people in motorcycling – the teams I have been a part of have always been a blast and I have always loved the diversity.

DBGA is about women riding dirt bikes, having fun, making memories, building friendships, growing the sport, trying your best, being your goofy fun loving self!

  • DBGA offers the woman in off-road motorcycling a place to voice their opinions about the sport as well as delivering interviews with dirt riding woman in all levels of off-road via Facebook and at DirtBikeGirlAdventures,com
  • In 2016 Dirt Bike Girl Adventures created “A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A WMX RACER” to bring a young motocross racing inspired girl (Brooke Bowlin) a first hand look at how a Professional Woman Motocross Racer preps and goes about her race day (Mackenzie Tricker/Jessica Patterson) Even with the canceled race at Budds Creek – these ladies got together and had a great impact which is what it was all about – special thanks to Fly Racing for the swag as well!
  • Samantha Kilgore Represented Dirt Bike Girl Adventures at a Blue Ribbon Project – a group that tries to fight child abuse… and lets children know that they can do amazing things in life!
  • DBGA helped bring attention to the harms of Ethanol in our fuels at the AMA Fuel For Thought Rally in Washington D.C.
  • DBGA is part Of The Moto Patriot group bringing attention and fighting the Lead Law in 2011…

We collectively are doing great things… And just as the pictures above show… We have many sides and can have a positive impact!

Nancy Sabater (Team Captain)

Thank You To Our Sponsors!


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