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The Ladies Showed Up!

But really, was there ever any doubt?…

The first Grand National Cross Country Series Race at Big Buck Farm in South Carolina… Everyone goes to that… Its time to test your endurance and off-road skills at the choppy and seriously dusty race awaiting the classic 10 secondsssss……trigger word!

Heres the deal – more women are diggin this sport we call off-road hare scrambles racing – heck many of them have been attending the races with their families already – for the brother…the cousin…of maybe better half. They say “Hey – I think I wanna try this!” and somewhere along the lines they do – and then they get hooked and start booking hotels making plans and paying closer attention to the competition.

Whatever the reason is – its happening…perhaps even Dirt Bike Girl Adventures helped in a tiny way – sharing some of these special stories from the girls in the sport!

Attending the first and second rounds of the Full Gas Sprint Enduro a couple weeks ago I was incredibly encouraged seeing new faces of girls lining up to rip up the courses and this weekend at the GNCC was even more encouraging.

The youth girls class had nine lined up – that’s pretty awesome considering this is clearly a boy dominated sport – a lot of girls start racing later in life…so yay! In the newly added Womens C Class there were a rockin eight ladies… and in Womens B Class a slammin seventeen!!! Womens Pro WXC class had twelve which is pretty good considering the Pro Women don’t receive any purse monies…

At Round One the niche’ racing series called Full Gas Sprint Enduro saw seven in the Womens Amateur as well as seven in the Womens Pro…this is actually pretty good especially since this series is really just starting to stride…Once the Pro Women realize they can make some good money in this off-road series I think the Pro-Ranks may start to really grow!

The racing in these classes is no less exciting than the mens classes – these ladies all want a taste of the glory – each one has their own story of the road that has led them to take on this form of racing. In many ways it can be much more interesting – as you see more and more women become interested in the sport.

Lets face it – it isn’t the norm but thats okay…norm is boring and so…well….Normal!

Here is a small collection of photos I have taken at the past couple races I attended – If you have been interested in taking your skills to the race course – why not? There is a class for everyone!

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Tayla Jones Round 1 GNCC Big Buck 2017
Mackenzie Tricker Round 1 GNCC Big Buck 2017
Brooke Cosner Round 1 GNCC Big Buck 2017
Kendall Lafollette Round 1 GNCC Big Buck 2017
Round 1 GNCC Womens B
Round 1 GNCC Girls
Round 1 GNCC Womens C
Round 1 GNCC Womens Pro

NancyFGSE 1 FGSE 1 FGSE 1 FGSE 1 FGSE 1 (Womens Pro Podium)

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