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Update: Day in the Life project

The Day in the Life of a WMX racer didn’t go quite to plan …rather it took on a life of its own. The idea of hooking up a female amateur racer with an experienced professional female racer I’m sure has been done before….however when its you that is connecting them its an amazing feeling of accomplishment when it seems to have been such a success.

The rolling hills of Budds Creek, Maryland were to be the site of Round 9 in the Womens Pro-Motocross Series, also known as WMX. The WMX series isn’t touring the country with much publicity – seems many don’t even know where and when or who… yet it is a series that indeed hosts some of the fastest women in Motocross – this years 10 round series was scheduled along several different premiere amateur races – the WMX race is the premiere race, where the ladies run both their 15 minute + 1 lap motos.  Awards, special monies and purse seem to vary depending upon the promoter or host. The ladies just do what they do in the hunt for that series title.

This particular round had quite a lot at stake – the local District 7 and Mid Atlantic Motocross Association had secured quite a bit of cash and prizes for the racers making it extra special – sure to be a good turn out event. The usual $2,000 series purse was up-ed to $5,000 and the payback was increased from top 5 racers to 15! Racers had literally come from near and far in hopes to shred the course and walk away with the loot!  However it was becoming clear that Mother Nature wanted to play in the dirt as well – Hurricane Mathew had been waging havoc for the last few days on the southern east coast yet all indications were that the storm was going to be hooking a right and head out to the deep Atlantic waters by Saturday. Instead it headed up the east coast and blended with another storm from the west and seemed to stall over the area. It rained and rained the skies stayed an oppressive grey all day. On Saturday the MAMA/District 7 races at Budd’s Creek were cut down to a 1 moto format and preparations for Sundays races which would include the WMX motos began.

Well – it never let up…around 1am Sunday the wind picked up and as the rain continued throughout the morning. Some people weren’t eager to gear up and slop around yet others could taste the opportunity to capitalize on the non-optimal conditions. At around 7am after multiple meetings it was decided that the race should be cancelled. The irony is about an hour after they cancelled the rain began to subside and as everyone packed up and began to head home the sun came out!

I feel for the racers that wanted to tackle the course no matter the conditions. Some of these women had literally been on the road since Round 8 in N.J. camping out waiting for this day…They stayed throughout the storms – making the best of it – preparing what they could for what was sure to be an epic mudfest. It just wasn’t in the cards – most likely the wind contributed to the cancellation with gusts of 40+mph! Yet just a few hours later this is a post on Facebook from the track promoter…

Sun, afternoon, track has been re-prepped, we are open Columbus Day and everyday until Thanksgiving. 10-5.  MARYLAND STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS THIS COMING WEEKEND
One may think after reading this that perhaps the project (Day in the Life of a WMX Racer) never materialized – yet it absolutely did – in a most organic way.
My plan was to arrive Sunday morning and connect 10 year old Brooke Bowlin, a talented motocross racer from Timonium, Maryland with Pro MX’er Mackenzie Tricker, from Australia. We had all chatted separately about the project and were all looking forward to the meeting and along with an epic day of racing. Brooke would be racing the JR Mini class and Kenzi would be running the WMX – in-between motos the plan was for Brooke to shadow the experienced racer – seeing first hand what it means to be a professional woman racer – what preparations need to be made – how she handles race day – and all it entails as well as watching Mackenzie on the track – seeing her race style and techniques.  This happens to be a track that Brooke knows very well – her local motocross track that along with her, her father and her uncle have all ridden many collective hours here – who knows the 10 yr old may have been able to give Kenzi some pointers and choice line advise…! An added bonus to this hopeful experience was that Tricker’s good friend and rider-coach who happens to be non-other than 7 time motocross champion Jessica Patterson would also be someone Brooke would have an opportunity to meet and observe!
There was to be an autograph session where Brooke would have been able to connect with multiple pro-women and once again see and experience the race day life as a pro. I had a shirt special made for her with thoughts that she’d be able to capture these ladies signatures on it as a neat memento and also contacted Fly Racing and they were nice enough – always eager to support the racers – they provided hats and water bottles to hand out!
Unfortunately due to the storm and cancellation of the race much of that plan did not materialize…but what did as I said earlier was organic.

Mackenzie and Brooke on their own met on Saturday and got to spend some time chatting… So yes the connection became reality! And I feel so good about this – I arrived that Sunday morning hoping to catch both of them before they left – I hooked up with Brooke first – she is just such a cool girl and such a character!  She had been so excited about this day… I handed Brooke a special Dirt Bike Girl Adventures pitboard I had special made with her name and racing number on it from Limited Decal along with a custom DBGA t-shirt and Fly Racing swag. She talked about how bummed she

Brooke Bowlin Getting Ready for JR Mini race at Budds Creek

was that the races were cancelled because she was ready for the mud – the day before she had raced the JR Mini class and had grabbed the holeshot – slinging mud on the competition – and in the pouring rain she finished the race in 2nd place!…but she had been eager to get back out there today no matter the conditions. As we were talking – I noticed Jessica and Mackenzie getting ready to pull out and I caught them before they left – Brooke followed… We talked some more and Mackenzie had the same reaction to the cancellation of the race – she had been ready to tear it up in the mud – especially with all the brutal GNCC’s she had been racing – my prediction would have been a win for her at this round following her second place finish at Round 8 in Englishtown, NJ!

Seeing the ladies talking with Brooke and Brooke’s father Roy was a really cool thing – with the possibilities of them getting together down south in the near future as Brookes’ racing schedule will be heading that way. And yes… she did get a couple autographs on that shirt after all…


The only way to continue to grow this sport is to share it with the youth and the racers themselves are some of the best advocates for the sport and are best positioned to do this sort of thing. Their involvement is crucial and another reason to think long and hard on who you represent – who you have sponsoring you – because the kids want to be like you – do what you do – use the products you use – the choices you make matter when you are a role model and top in your sport. I hope this little project encourages others to play a special role in a young persons life. And I am hopeful that this connection will continue to bloom. 

Remember… A Full Gate Starts With You!

Nancy S.

Mackenzie Tricker at Full Gas Sprint Enduro
Mackenzie Tricker at Full Gas Sprint Enduro


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***Round 9 is to be rescheduled  – look for an update when available at WMX.

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