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Who Inspires You?

There are inspiring ladies everywhere – Age makes no matter – You can find inspiration in both.

Who inspires you in Motorcycling?

There are a few that come to my mind but here are just a couple – such as Motocrosser Ashley Fiolek” and  Off-Road Racer – Mary McGee“… 


Ashley – Is truly amazing… She is an aggressive Motocross Racer – Her style is fluid and straight up rock star! So that’s the obviousness of Ashley Fiolek – Then there is the not so obvious… She is deaf – in a sport that generates a heck of a lot of sound… Yet what someone may lack seems to give them a greater gift to share – she has the obvious gift of moto – yet she was also gifted with being able to connect with the masses and inspire – which brings many some insight to the sport of  Womens Motocross. She has gone mainstream – she was in John Mauceres’ movie “No Ordinary Hero” as well as being a guest on Conan O’Brien and most recently Dana Browns’  “On Any Sunday – The Next Chapter“. She was honored with being nominated for an ESPN, ESPY Award and has countless moto victories including four AMA Womens Motocross Championships.  She is even an Author with her autobiography “Kicking Up Dirt”.

Yet even more inspiring is the Ashley Fiolek Foundation with her AFF Programs – where she hopes to encourage people to reach for their goals and achieve success. She also has an Outreach Program that teaches through dirt bikes – self esteem and different skills from moto. She knows that she in an inspiring figure and even though she is retired from racing – she hasn’t stopped advocating through moto. We are blessed to have such an advocate in the sport.

There’s Something About Mary…

Mary McGee – I met her at the AMA’s International Womens Motorcycle Conference in Carson City, Nevada. She was the life of the party – this woman is a Moto-Icon and PioMary McGeeneer!

She started as a Auto-Racer and then turns into a Motorcyclist following a conversation with non-other than Steve McQueen! She took part in blazing the trail for women in moto – and racing in general back in the days when it was rare to see a woman rider. I see old photos of her living life to it’s fullest – grippin and rippin and trying new things. What an inspiration! The best thing is she is still going – still involved in Moto! She Vintage Races at 77 years young! I could go on and on about Mary McGee… She is vibrant – full of energy and humble. If you ever have an opportunity to meet her – please do! You will not be disappointed – her stories are amazing and will captivate your attention!

What about the inspirational someone you really know – A good friend or family member?… Your neighbor or that girl that always shows up to the rides and gives it her all.

I find inspiration in many of the Women/Girls I know personally – they are all different and their struggles are different, yet they all have the common love for the ride. Women that occasionally ride and Women that ride weekly. Women that race and Women that just want to feel that self satisfaction. It’s endless – really… and that is why I love your stories – they are all worth telling.

Share your inspirational stories of Women/Girls that RIDE – you never know – that story may inspire a new rider!

Happy Trails & Be Safe!



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